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Med-City Aquatics was founded on the belief that competitive swimming is an exciting and worthwhile experience. The principal objective is to provide an exceptional swimming environment that fosters the individual growth, goal achievement and development of swimmers of all ages. Med-City offers three swimming programs: an introductory swim school, a competitive swim team, and a masters swim program.

Med-City Aquatics Swim Club is a family-based swim program. From novice to advanced skill levels, casual to serious athlete, youth through adult, we have a place for you! Take lessons through our swim school, join the swim team, or swim with other adult masters.

The purpose of Med-City Aquatics is:

  1. to provide the youth of Rochester, MN and the surrounding area with a positive team swimming experience.

  2. to teach the values of teamwork, responsibility, sportsmanship, leadership, and physical exercise in a family-oriented atmosphere.

  3. to provide a program that allows for each individual athlete to reach his or her potential, regardless of the level of development, talent, or desire.

Med City Aquatics groups swimmers according to age and ability. There are multiple options for number of workouts per week for a swimmer depending on the interest and commitment level. As with any sport the higher the goal of achievement, the more commitment an athlete will have to make; however, the coaches strive to provide a positive experience for swimmers of all commitment levels. Sessions start dates typically are; September (Fall), December (Winter), March-April (Spring) and June (Summer). Registration information will be available several weeks in advance of each session start.

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