How to Join

Our Splash Camp held in Early September and Early April are the best ways to join our team.  They give our staff and your swimmer a chance to interact for 4-5 days to introduce them to Competitive Swimming.  Swimmers in this program are given priority in joining the team.  If you are unable to attend a Splash Camp, please contact Coach Jade or Shelly Sobek at or by phone 406-219-1349 to schedule a short 15 minute tryout session with one of our certified coaching staff.  We will assess if your child has the skills necessary to succeed on the Barracuda swim team, or we will give you details of what skills should be worked on in order to join in the future!

If your child is ready for the team, a Welcome folder with all necessary sign-up forms will be provided to you at the conclusion of Splash Camp or your Tryout.  These will include a registration for USA Swimming (our national organization that provides us with insurance) and Barracuda Team Registration forms.  USA Swimming Annual registration will cost approximatley $70.  Team dues are dependent on group, and are listed under the Membership Information Tab.  All members will also have a fundraising obligation due by the end of the season.

Application Related Forms