To join Sooner Swim Club

The needed forms for registration are found below as well as the club handbook.  Please take the time to throughly read the handbook, making sure you fully understand all that is required of membership.  The forms include team registration, USA Swimming registration, and OU release form.  The team registration package may be filled out online prior to printing.  New swimmers must submit a copy of their birth certificate or equivilent with their registration forms.

Team Registration package includes billing information, swimmer information, guardian information, medical release, photo release, and code of conduct.  All information must be completely filled out.  A valid email address is required per family account.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  The team does most of its business through email such as practice/meet notification and billing.  Swimmers and guardians must go over the code of conduct and sign off indicating that they understand the rules.  Print out pages 2&3 once per swimmer you are registering.  (The club renews this information annually).

USA Registration package includes forms for swimmers, non swimmers, and scholarship information.  Swimmers fill out either the swimmer form or the scholarship form.  USA Swimming membership fee scholorships are available to help reduce the cost of the annual membership fee.  The scholrship applies to the current year only and must be resubmitted each year to continue receiving it.  If you qualify, the scholarship cost replaces the SwimmerSee the USA registration package for information of qualification requirements and cost.

NOTE: if your swimmer has had previous USA Swimming membership with any other team prior to joining SSC, the Transfer form is required.  It does not matter if several years have past, the form must be submitted!

OU Release Form is required for everyone - one per swimmer!

If you have further questions about joining our team please contact us . See you in the water!!!! 

Welcome to our Swim Team!

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