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Calendar updated April 14th with meets and practices by age groups.  Use the pull down menu to select the age group of your swimmer.  

Swimmers 11 and 12 have the option of attending either the earlier or later practice during the spring session.  Starting June 26th, swimmers ages 9 and up have the option of attending the earlier or later practice.  Swimmers ages 8 and under should always attend the earlier practice.  All swimmers have the option of attending a practice longer than 1 hour.  With the exception of Monday afternoons until the summer session starts, if attending a longer practice swimmers must start at the start of the first practice.

Most practices amd home meets for the spring/summer season at held at UNH Indoor pool.  Wednesday practices starting the 3rd week of May (weather dependent) will be held in Dover at the Jenny Thompson Outdoor Pool.  SSA meets areheld at the Jenny Thompson Outdoor pool.  NE Swim end of the season meets in July are out of town and the location is determined by NE Swim.  GSSA Champs is held at the Raco Pool in Manchester.

The calendar defaults to the general calendar which shows all practice hours.  To view the practice hours of a specific age group, use the pull down menu in the left hand corner.

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