Coaches & Directors

We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all questions related to administrative, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact one of the board members.

Coaching Staff

Nathan Kindrachuk

Head Coach & HP Group Coach


Nathan is very excited to join the Olympian Swim Club as head coach of the club this season! Coach Nathan is no stranger to the pool decks in Edmonton, having spent fourteen years training and competing at regional, provincial and national level events as a former swimmer, first with OSC and then with the Alberta Golden Bears.

After swimming as a Golden Bear at the U of A for three years, Nathan completed a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology (majoring in coaching studies) from the University of Alberta. He is currently completing the thesis of his Master of Arts degree in coaching studies from the University of Alberta. Nathan has coached for a number of swimming organizations in Edmonton, including a three-year role as the head coach of the Steadward Bears Para Swim Team and two years with the University of Alberta Golden Bears and Pandas. His success as a coach has translated into many of his swimmers reaching national levels. His hard work and dedication to the athletes has also resulted in swimmers qualifying for international teams.

Nathan, who is a certified level three coach, has a coaching philosophy that focuses on determining a clear purpose for the many aspects of training and competing, while considering the needs and perspectives of athlete’s in every stage of decision making. He believes that for athletes to make the most of their training, there needs to be attention and understanding to all the aspects of their lives. By working with the swimmers and bringing them in on the decisions regarding their training, Nathan believes that their performance in and out of the water improves.  He is a firm believer that understanding the individual needs of his swimmers is the basis for a good partnership and that the partnership between the swimmer and the coach is the cornerstone to success in the water.  

As the head coach of OSC, Nathan intends on providing the club with a clear vision that includes creating a culture of team cohesion that supports individual and team success. His passion for swimming and his enthusiasm as a coach are readily evident and he is looking forward to seeing everyone on the pool deck for a great season of swimming.

Lesley Serediak

Assistant Head Coach & Performance Coach


With more than 25  years of coaching experience, all in the Edmonton area, Coach Lesley is back on deck for another year with the Olympian Swim Club. This year, as well as being the OSC Performance Group Coach, she is taking on the role of assistant head coach for the club as well.

Lesley is a certified level two coach and continues to pursue further education in her chosen field by continually updating her education with courses and books. She is working on attaining her competitions coach certification. Outside of her work with the performance group, she has been selected to represent Team Alberta as a coach more than 10 times and has served as a stroke coach for the Prospects West and the North/South Swim Camps.  Lesley’s hard work and success with swimmers primarily at the 14 and under level has led to her swimmers to achieving provincial and national level success consistently over the years. It is her belief that age group swimmers should excel in all four strokes and have great technique. She is a strong believer in hard work producing awesome results which allows all swimmers to achieve their goals. Lesley's aim, as always, for the upcoming season is to help all her swimmers reach their swimming potential while enjoying the experience.

 When not on deck, Lesley enjoys her time spent with husband Troy, and two sons; Tyler and Shane as well as her two dogs. We are looking forward to hearing her loud familiar whistle, in all its pitches, as she goes about her coaching duties.

Lori Layne Kremer

Performance Development Coach


Loubna Laaouad

Terwillegar OW Coach


The Terwillegar pool will be seeing a familiar face this fall as Loubna Cherifa-Laaouad is back as the Terwillegar head coach as well as the OW coach for the pool. Coach Loubna grew up in Montreal and swam competitively for many years. When her competitive career was over, it was off to university but she never really left swimming. After graduating from the U of A with a double major in sociology and psychological sciences, Coach Loubna came back to swimming and will be passing on her knowledge and love of the sport to the kids she will be teaching. She hopes that the Terwillegar kids will love swimming as much as she does. She strongly believes that swimmers must create a balance between discipline, hard work, and fun to succeed. Her motto is if it feels tough … you are doing it right.

Lindsey Thomas

Mini O's Program Director


After taking a year off to attend to a new addition to her family, Lindsey is back with the Olympian Swim Club for the 2016-17 swim season in the roles of Team Administrator and Mini O's program director. Lindsey is no stranger to our club as she is the creator of the wildly successful Mini O’s program. Since its inception, it has grown to now have more than 200 swimmers participating in the program each year. As the driving force behind the program, Lindsey is gratified to see the young swimmers grow to love the sport and be able, by the completion of the program, to swim all four strokes as well as have a good understanding of both dives and turns.

Lindsey is no stranger to the sport having been involved in the swimming community for the past 15 years. After four years coaching with other clubs, Lindsey joined the OSC family in 2007 and spent her first  two years as a JOW coach.  She attended the University of Alberta and obtained her Bachelor of Physical Education and returned  to school to obtain her diploma in massage therapy from Grant MacEwan University. As a registered massage therapist, the club and the swimmers know they can count on Lindsey  to be on hand  to help the swimmers on deck during competitions with any needs them may have. Lindsey is well known and influential within the OSC and Alberta swimming communities and is very excited to be involved with the club in the upcoming season. Welcome back Lindsey.