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Coaches & Directors  

We are here to support your needs. If your questions are related to workouts, meets, events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all questions related to administrative, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact us directly.

Coaching Staff
Kim Fundora - Head Coach  email

Kim Fundora has resided in Douglasville, Georgia since she moved from Connecticut in 1994. She is married and has 4 beautiful children- Madison, Maycee, AJ and McKinley. Kim is very involved at Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Church where she is a member of the Praise Band. She has a passion for coaching and travels throughout the year to seminars and trainings to further benefit her individual coaching style and the club's growth and development.

Kim has over 15 years of competitive swimming experience and has been teaching swim lessons for over 17 years. Kim was the Assistant Coach to the West Haven Wizards before she moved to Douglasville, Georgia in 1994. She started and developed a local subdivision swim team called the Chapel Hill Sharks in 2003 and has grown the summer only team into a year round USA team. The Piranhas have been year round at the Boundary Waters Aquatic Center since its opening in 2005 and have also added an outdoor location for the summer at Tributary Subdivision. The summer league team hit 150 swimmers this past year and the team now has over 80 year round swimmers. Kim prides herself on offering a competitive team that caters to a diverse group of children who receive health benefits, fun factor, and introduction to a team sport. Kim boasts the best group of swimmers and parents who care for each other without effort!!! Piranha Pride..

Matthew Johnson -   email

Born and raised in Atlanta into a large family of 4 children. Being the oldest has taught me to be a leader which helped when I became the team captain at my college. I have been swimming for 17 years and have trained with year round teams at Gwinnett Aquatics and Summit Swimming.

In high school I made the state varsity team for the 100 free and went on to place top 16 overall. I attended Darton College in Albany, GA for two years where I switched from sprint freestyle and butterfly to distance freestyle. I placed top 8 both freshman and sophomore year in the mile (1650). My distance training continued to Union College in Barbourville, KY where I placed 17th and 13th in the mile.

My love for swimming brought me to want to know more about how to help myself and others get better both in athletics and in life. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness in 2012. I have been the head coach of the Mountain Park Sharks (150 youth swimmers) for 4 years now and am extremely happy to be making the transition to a year round swim team. My love for coaching is unimaginably intense as I believe that the only way to get better at your goals is to have a purpose. My purpose is to help coach people to better themselves physically and mentally as they grow to love the sport. Swimming has brought me a great drive to be the best that I can be.

Favorite phrase: Never come to practice without a purpose. Come ready to learn with an open mind, open ears, and a ready body. A practice without a purpose isn’t hurting your coach, only yourself. When you don’t give your very best in practice your team mates know it first, your coach knows it second, and your opponents know it third. Don’t lose your purpose or you will lose the race.


Favorite super hero: 100% Batman now and forever.


Plans for the future: Help the West Georgia Swim Team improve their personal and collective goals and share my swimming knowledge with others. In September I plan to return to freestyle sprint training.


Thought to future swimmers:   If you tell yourself “you can” or “you can’t” do something, either way you will be right.



Alisha Jordan -  email

Alisha Jordan currently resides in Austell, GA with her husband and has a 5 year old son CJ. She was born and raised in Connecticut and attended the University of Miami from 1994-1998. She is a full time accountant; however, shares her sisters passion for swimming and started at the age of 8 swimming competitively. Alisha varsity lettered early in her high school swim career and was Captain of her high school team. She has taught swim lessons for over 15 years and is excited to be a part of the Piranhas!

 She teaches novice swimmers and is happy to help out where ever she is needed.