Barracuda Coaches

HM Barracudas love their coaches! If families have any questions related to workouts, meets, and other swimming related needs, please contact one of the coaches. For all questions related to administrative, such as volunteering, safety or policy issues, calendar or events schedule, please contact one of the swim team committee members.

Our 2014 head coaching staff, Ken, Andrew and Paul, are detailed below with email addresses.  Our swimmer coaches this summer are Amy Crow, Kaitlyn McNutt, Madison Kurcias and Zia Palmer.

Coaching Staff

Ken Dicesare

Head Coach


 This is Coach Ken's 6th year as Head Coach of Hollin Meadows and his 7th year with the team. He led the Barracudas to many meet wins, two divisional champion seasons and 3 divisional sportsmanship seasons. Not only does Ken run the helm during the summer, but he also coaches our winter program, allowing many Barracudas to be with him year-round. When he's not coaching in the summer, you can find him on deck at USS meets and practices, where he is an age group coach for USS swim club NCAP of Alexandria. Ken is also a special education teacher for the City of Falls Church.  We're always happy to walk on deck and see Coach Ken running the show!

Andrew Hohman

Lead Assistant Coach


 We are so lucky toWeWe are so fortunate to have Coach Andrew back as an Assistant Coach, and this year he moves into the lead assistant position as Coach Ken's right hand man.  Andrew has been swimming for Hollin Meadows since he was five years old and has been a stellar team leader for many years.  Andrew brings us his knowledge from many years of USS swimming, assisant coaching for NCAP swim club and Hollin Meadows winter swim program, swimming for Gonzaga High School, and spending the last 3 summers in a coaching role for the Barracudas. It's great to have Andrew back on deck with us this summer!

Paul O'Hara

Assistant Coach


This is Paul's first year as an Assistant Coach, but certainly not his first year with the Barracudas!  Paul has been swimming for Hollin Meadows since he was an 8&Under, and has been a team leader and stellar swimmer for many years.  He is also the son of HM legacy parents, who both swam for the Barracudas during their childhood summers.   Paul brings his knowledge from many years of USS swimming, Gonzaga High School swimming, and this past year swimming at Harvard University.  He spent the last 3 summers with the Barracudas as a swimmer coach, and he thrilled the Barracudas when he became an NVSL record breaker last summer. It's great to have Paul back on deck with us!

Board of Directors

Kathleen McNutt

Team Rep


Susan Crow

Board Rep


Diane Hohman

Assistant Team Rep


De Elliott

Swim Team Treasurer


Jill Johnson

Swim Team Social Chair