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Swimmers of the Week for Winter Break:

Minnows 1: Jackson Summy, Benjamin Goss, Sasha India, George Pandulev, Kate Trella, Isabella Wilhelm

Minnows 2: David Turos, Ethan Kaufmann, Seth Fish, Garrett Cook, Hailey Young

Bronze: Philip Popko, Avi Winick, Katie Dorsey, Diego Reynoso, Alexandria Shick

Silver 1: Lauren Barsky, Allie Danielewicz, Zuzanna Janusz, Leah Rosenberg,

Silver 2: David Basin, Ally Devedjian, Arthur Frankel, Helen Ilkiu, Matthew Johnson,  Ashley Kamen, Anna Kurzydlo, Deimante Rutkauskaite,


Gold Swimmers of the Week:

Week of 12/23: Jessica Barr, Ana Klabjan, Julia Knauz, Lily Kurzydlo, Mason McCauley, Abby Schaffer

Week of 12/30: Danny, Barry, Jorie Brottman, Maggie Hansen, Shannon Kearney, Gabriella Lerner, Lisa Roberts, Rachel Slepian, Samantha Vogt

Week of 1/6: Joie Davis, Grace Frankel, Emily Hansen, Ariela Katz, Lauren Kurzydlo, Mary Claire Sabalaskey, Rachel Ward


Swimmers of the Month for December:

Minnows 1: Emma Day

Minnows 2: Abigail Starr

Bronze: Edgar Rutkauskas, Yonit Miotek

Silver 1: Luke Cepeda, Leah Rosenberg

Silver 2: David Basin, Anna Kurzydlo

Gold: Lauren Kurzydlo, Mason McCauley, Abby Schaffer



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