Masters Registration Spring 2012

January 1, 2012 - April 1, 2012
April 1, 2012





RICE Aquatics is proud to offer online registration for the Spring 2012 Registration. Please click attend this event and follow the online instructions. All those not paying by CC or ACH must provide a check to have their registration process complete and get an active ID. Please bring a printed copy of your reciept to gain access to the pool to pay by check. All existing swimmers will need to log in and re-register even if your CC is curently onfile. All new swimmers must complete this process prior to joining the team.


We offer tryout dates specific to your request.  We will send you a “Tryout Pass” via email that gains you entrance to the recreation facility.  For times and information please email  Seth Huston.

Initial Registration

Please fill out the registration forms completely and legibly. Then turn in the registration with a check for the session fee. The recreation Center will allow access with these documents despite an expired try out pass.

RICE Aquatics will input your registration information within 24 hours on a weekday. Once you receive a confirmation email with login and password you will be able to access the website and correct or add to your personal data. You will also be able to go to the RICE University Police Department (RUPD) and get a RICE Masters ID Photo (read below). You will now be able to have access to the recreation Center during our practice times for the remainder of the session.

We will pro rate mid session additions, but only on a monthly basis; full rate during the 1st month, 80% during month two, 60% during month three and 40% during month four.

  1. ___ Fill out Registration Information Online
  2. ___ Register online with USMS
  3. ___ Register and pay coach on last try out date ( If paying by check)
  4. ___ Receive confirmation email
  5. ___ Go to RUPD and get photo ID
  6. ___ (Optional) Go to RICE Parking and purchase parking pass (cash or check only)
  7. ___ Begin Swimming


Returning Masters Swimmers:

In advance of the upcoming session RICE Aquatics will send out an email for re-registering. Swimmers must chose to "attend this event" through the registration event page if you plan to swim the next session. Once the new session has begun, non renewals will have their ID's deactivated upon completion of the current swim session. If you renew after the registration period there will be a $25 reactivation fee. Once the re-registration period has ended you must email  Coach Seth  and Coach Jason directly with your intent to swim.

We encourage all members to pay through our website; either a re-ocurring CC charge or ACH billing. If you prefer to pay by check or cash your payment must be received before or during the first week of the new session. If you miss the deadline your ID will be deactivated and you will have to pay a $25 reactivation fee.


We offer a fall, spring and summer session.  Each session is approximately four months in duration.  New members can join in the middle of a session and fees will be prorated.

Club Registration:

You can register for the club by going throuh our online sign up. Click attend this event.  All of our master swimmers need to be USMS registered in order to meet liability standards and you can link to a USMS online registration page on our registration link.  USMS registration is $35 for the calendar year.

USMS Registration

Recreation Center Access: Masters Only

Each master swimmer must go to the RUPD station and get a Rice ID badge after joining.  Once you join we send your information over to RUPD.  The cost of a Rice ID card is $10.  The RUPD station is on campus at the corner of University and Stockton.


Parking on the Rice campus is at a premium.  You can pay as you go in the central parking garage across the street from the recreation center for $2 per 35 minutes or at the north visitor lot at entrance 20 off Rice Blvd. or at the west lot #1 in front of the Alice Pratt Brown Building.  Parking at these spots is $1 per 35 minutes. 

A better option is to buy an early bird/evening bird parking permit for $65 per semester or $115 for a year.  Parking permits are available in the central garage offices across the street from the recreation center.  Your name goes to the parking services as well and you may also present your Rice ID.  There is a $25 proxy card purchase at the time of registration for a parking pass. Click  here for a map of campus parking.

Aquatic Center Use:

Your Rice Aquatics Masters membership gives you access to the pool and locker room facilities for our scheduled practices.  The recreation center has limited numbers of community memberships available for use of the whole center at anytime.  Our use of the aquatic center is a privilege.  We ask that you keep your use of the facility limited to our practice times.

Team News and Updates:

We use an email distribution list to disseminate information such as schedule changes, upcoming events and news.  You can also check our website for meet information, swimming tips and swimming links as well as our blog.