Away Meet at Dardenne Devil Rays

Jul 16, 2018 (07:30 PM) - Jul 16, 2018 (11:00 PM)
July, 12 2018


25 yard outdoor pool, 6 lanes, low starting blocks, air horn start, 5 events

Arrive at pool: 5:15pm;            Warm up: 5:30pm;          Meet Start: 6:00pm

** don't arrive prior to 5pm, pool is closed for setup until 5pm

Manta Rays will have 2nd warm up:  5:45 - 6pm  

Location /Directions:

Villages at Dardenne Subdivsion Pool
7001 Brassel Dr
O'Fallon, MO 63368

(across from the Links Golf Course)                                                                                                                   directions link from the YMCA:     link

Parking  is not permitted in the driveway leading to the pool -- fire code violation.  Do not block driveways or park on edges of lawns.

Notes: concession is for sale, bring chairs, water bottles, sunscreen, black sharpie marker.  This will be a pre-seeded electronic meet so swimmers need to see coach when they arrive to see if changes have been made to heats/lanes/relays.

If your swimmer swims: you must have someone from your family/friend work at least one half the meet

Approximate Number of Workers needed per half: 9 timers, 2 bullpen workers, 2 runners, 2 score table workers, 2 stroke judges, stop watches are provided by our team) (Exact jobs available and sign-up opportunities are found here):   Worker Sign-Up Link 

Uniform: team swimsuit, team cap (or red cap & suit)   Stroke Judges:  white shirt