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Discovery Store/Treasure chest donations

Dec 4, 2021 (05:45 PM) - Dec 4, 2021 (07:30 PM)
December, 4 2021
December 3, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)
Discovery 1,Discovery 2 ([* ALL Locations *])


Thank you for your donations to reward the kids in the Discovery Groups for a job well done!  Our swimmers get rewarded for the excellent efforts they put forth to practice by receiving a ticket at the end of practice.  

Tickets can be earned anytime for the following:  Great effort, Good sportsmanship, setting good examples, asking/answering questions and game day prizes.  

These tickets then can be traded in for a chance to win a prize at the Discovery 1 Treasure Chest or the Discovery 2 store. This is where you come in.... The incentive only works with your help and you earn volunteer hours with your donations! 

We are looking for dollar store type of prizes that can be found at stores such as: Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics, Dollar Tree, $5 Below.... Please use coupons if you have them!

This is not group specific!  Please feel free to donate to either group regardless of your affiliation. Discovery Group Reward Donations can be dropped off any time during practice to Coach Trish.  

Discovery 1 Group has a Treasure chest.  Kids receive tickets at the end of practice. Swimmers are to write their names on the back of the tickets and return them to the ticket bin. Every 2 weeks we will draw 3 names from the ticket bin and those kids will win a prize from the treasure chest.  During Holiday Training we will select names every practice!  

Discovery 2 Group has a store.  Kids will earn tickets at the end of practice.  They are to keep their tickets in a safe place.  We will have 2 SC shopping dates, one in Decemeber and one in March, and 1 LC shopping date in July.  Kids are permitted to purchase 2 items at each store. They can choose spend all their money or save up for a larger prize.  Prize bins range are set up as 5 tickets, 10 tickets, 15 tickets, 20 tickets, 30 tickets and 40 tickets.  Coolness of the donations determines the bin the prize will be placed. 

You will receive 2 volunteer hours for your donations.  Please see the sign up list on items needed. Thanks again for your support!