Silicone Cap Order

Nov 29, 2021
November, 28 2021


This event is to compile numbers for a Silicone cap order.

We've had some challenges getting a vendor lined up for our silicone cap order for this year.  We've worked through these and have a solution in place.  The order will be placed on Monday, November 29th.  Please be aware the turnaround time for the order is 4-6 weeks which means the caps may not be available until mid-January.

We can only order the caps if we have a minimum commitment for 25.

The cost per cap is $10.50.

If you'd like a cap, please commit to this event using the "Edit Commitment" button.  Then select your athlete's name and under "Declarataion" select "Yes, please sign [name] up for this event".

Payment, is expected when the caps arrive and are ready for distribution.  Cash or checks made out to "CHS Swim & Dive" are acceptable.