2015 Manitou Monster Lake Swim

Congrats to all of the Marlins Swimmers that braved the deep waters of Long Lake last Sunday and completed the two mile Manitou Monster Lake Swim!  Here are their names, places and times.

Ben Soborowicz, 3rd, :45.08, Sarah Manz, 4th, :45.58, Levi Soborowicz, 5th, :46.11, Brianna Peterson, 8th, :49.33, Maggie Peterson, 12th, :53.29, Ella Peterson, 14th, :54.08, Joze Soborowicz, 15th, :54.35, Greta Peterson, 16th, :54.36, Coach Lisa Peterson, 18th, :55.18, Claudia Paul, 21st, :55.44, Alec Augustyn, 25th, 56.39, Garrett Secker, 29th, :58.27, Teddy Paul, 30th, :58.28, Kate Augustyn, 31st, :58.37, Natalie Beltz, 44th, 1:09.11, Callista Secker, 44th, 1:09.11, Jack Peterson, 46th, 1:09.29, Gabi Augustyn, 51st, 1:12.45, Anna Fedie, 54th, 1:15.00, Coach Steve Byrd, 55th, 1:15.18, Nikki Forsythe, 58th 1:19.21!  WAY TO GO MARLINS!!!



Olympic Trial Qualifying Standards for the 2016 Olympic Trial Meet in Omaha, Nebraska next June! (LCM)

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