Partners Of Ukiah Dolphins

Awards Potluck For All Dolphins

September 12, 2010 (04:00 PM) - September 12, 2010 (06:00 PM)
September 12, 2010


Ukiah Dolphins Aquatics Awards Presentation & Reception will be held at St. Mary's School Auditorium - 991 South Dora in Ukiah from 4-6 on September 12th.

All members and families are invited.   We are looking for a small donation ($3) per family to assist us in honoring our coaching staff and officials who help us all year long.  Please putyour contribution into dues box by September 1st and mark as gift.

Plan to bring a small dessert or snack to share. We will also have board nominations & the election during the event.

Every swimmer who participated in at least one swim meet during the last year will be awarded.