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June 10 2017

Jun 10, 2017 (08:00 AM) - Jun 11, 2017 (05:00 PM)

Hi everyone, This is the AGe Group Open at GPAC on June 10-11. This is a great meet and allows for swimming many different events. As usual, the turn-around time is very short for registration and t... (For these groups: USA)
June 28 2017

Jun 28, 2017 (09:00 AM) - Jun 28, 2017 (03:00 PM)

Hi all, This is the 2017 Open Water Champs in Oxford, OH (near Miami University). 10 & Unders swim 1K, 11-12's 2K, 13-14's 3K and 15 & overs 4K. It's a lot of fun and we have done it for several ye... (For these groups: USA)