Entering Swim Meets for TeamFINS

Every TeamFINS swimmer is welcome and encouraged to swim in each meet that they are eligible for.  Swimmers may choose the events that they wish to swim in and should ask their coach for advice when they aren't sure which events to swim.  There is a notes section for parents and swimmers to leave comments to the coaches about their participation in the meet.  

Each Meet event has its own webpage.  While information is posted on the Gulf website, refer to the team event page for the most up to date and relevent information.    

Event Category:
December 15 2017

Dec 15, 2017 - Dec 17, 2017

Location: Texas A&M University, Student Recreation Center Natatorium, Olsen Boulevard, College Station, TX 77843 Warm-up/Meet Start: Friday, Dec 15: Timed Finals: 4:30 ? 5:45 p.m. warm-up / 6:00 p.m....