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The 2014 North American Challenge Cup will be held at the Complejo Acuatico Leyes de Reforma in Veracruz Mexico August 7-9, 2014.

Southern California Swimming takes seriously the issue of athlete safety. In 2011, when we last travelled to Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, we took with us a coaching staff and a team of managers that included experts in the field of security and international travel. This year will be no different. We understand that may not be enough for some. If you are having any reservations whatsoever, please do not apply.

As an aside, I was personally moved by what I saw in Puerto Vallarta. Our swimmers were humbled by the pride the Mexican Federation took in its facilities which were not quite up to the standards we are used to. Emotions were high as I witnessed the Mexican Federation bus in local school children to watch the meet. Our athletes who had purchased caps to trade, chose instead to give away those caps to the local children. While those are only two of many examples, I can honestly say, in the 8 year history of the NACC meet, our trip to Mexico was the single most powerful and positive experience I have ever witnessed in swimming. There was far more to it than just swimming. I am sure there are others out there who have similar positive stories to share from that trip. Email them to me: and I will post them here!

Jeremy Anderson
Head Coach
North American Challenge Cup