The Purgatory Snowboard Team is partnered with the Durango Winter Sports Foundation (a 501.3C organization), and is a peer of the very successful Alpine, Freestyle and Nordic Ski Teams.

The mission of the Purgatory Snowboard Team is to promote the development of recreational and competitive snowboard athletes in the Southwest Rocky Mountain Region through Athletic Excellence, and core values such as Team, Loyalty, Integrity, Respect, Perseverance, and Accountability. The Team is currently comprised of athletes age 7 through 18.

The team will adopt procedures and developmental techniques from USSA and USASA athlete competency guidelines. These guiding principles are useful tools enabling steady learning in a social environment that is fun and enjoyable. We also identify that parental approval and support, fun association with peers, and enjoyment are all important motivational factors to promote a rising and intimate interest in the sport. We hope to include participation and encouragement from parents and peers on regular basis to provide an atmosphere that is fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.