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2017-2018 Year-Round Team Registration

Thanks to all of you who attended our Open House.  Registration for new swimmers who have already been evaluated is now open!

The Gators Year-Round Competitive Team is now full.  We are no longer conducting evaluations. If you have a swimmer interested in our introductory Copper and Nickel groups, please check the website again starting November 1.  We will not be conducting evaluations for new swimmers prior to that date.  We do not keep a waitlist of interested swimmers.

If you are a swimmer with competitive team experience or USA swim times, please email  We will continue to accept swimmers at our intermediate groups and above on a case by case basis.

Welcome to the Alameda Gators 2017-18 season! Scroll to the bottom and click on the Register Now button to get started! 


The priority registration period for returning swimmers ends on Thursday, August 31st. No spots will be guaranteed or held for returning swimmers after this date.


NOTE: Our online registration module does not always work well with Safari and Explorer browsers. If you encounter problems when using one of these, we recommend that you try with Firefox or Chrome instead.  Also, you will not be able to register if you are logged in.  To ensure that registration is completed successfully, please manually log out before starting registration.  Once the registration has been approved, you will be able to log into your account.



NOTE: Several practice group schedules have changed for 2017-18. Please double check your schedule here before signing up.

  • Season dates: Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017 - Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018. Remember that all swimmers must re-register for the team prior to attending their first day of practice in the new season.
  • Which group to register for: Returning year-round swimmers should register for the group that they ended the previous season in, unless your coach specifically instructed otherwise. (You can double check your swimmer's group by logging on to your account and clicking on the "My Account" button on the right.) If you are moving from the seasonal program to a year-round group, please confirm with Amanda, Ariel and/or Ben as to which year-round level you should register for.
  • USA Swimming membership: USA Swimming membership for the 2017-18 season will be automatically added to your registration for each swimmer.
  • Monthly coaching fees: Note that the monthly fees for the coming season have changed for the Gold, Silver, Pre-Senior and Senior groups. Please also remember that monthly coaching fees are NOT included in the cost of registration. They will be billed separately.


We look forward to having you with the Gators and are excited for another great season!