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4/2/18 - 7/25/18

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4/2/18 - 7/25/18



Update 2/12/18: Spring/Summer 2018 registration information will be available April 2, 2018 when we open registration for returning swimmers or swimmers who have been evaluated by our coaches already.  All swimmers new to the team OR a returning swimmer who did not swim with us last season, will need to have their skills evaluated by the coaches prior to joining the team by attending one of the open tryout dates. If you are not able to attend one of the open tryout dates, please contact us to schedule an individual tryout.  Open tryouts are scheduled for April 10 AND 12TH 2018 from 6-7pm Please check back April 2nd for more tryout information. The information below pertains to the Spring/Summer registration 2018. Thank you for your patience. Please feel free to contact us at if you have questions.

Welcome to the Fox Chapel Killer Whales (Killer Whale Swimming) Spring-Summer 2018 on-line registration system. Please read through all of the information presented during the registration process.  Due to insurance regulations, ALL swimmers must be registered with the Fox Chapel Killer Whales before they begin to practice with the team.

Important note to new swim families regarding tryouts: All swimmers ages 6 and older, who are interested in joining the team for the first time OR who did not swim on the team for Fall/winter 2017/18 will need to attend one of the open tryouts on April 10,11, OR 12th Please arrive between 6:00pm and 7:00pm p.m. If you are unable to attend one of the open tryouts, please contact  us at  to arrange for an individual tryout. Please sign your swimmer in when you arrive at the open tryout. Do not register your swimmer before their tryout. If your swimmer is ready for the team, you will need to register them before they begin to practice with the team using this registration. Please park in the parking lot adjacent to the tennis courts and enter the building at the entrance that has a statue of a fox in front of it.

Returning swimmers from Fall/winter 2017-18: Please register for the group you swam with this Fall/winter session, unless otherwise instructed by your coach. 

We are guests of all pool facilities that we use for team practices and activities, and appreciate the privilege of having access to them.  All FCKW swimmers and families are expected to respect and comply with the FCKW Codes of Conduct and the rules set forth by each pool facility we use.

Deck changing at any of the pool facilities we use is strictly prohibited!  This is in compliance with USA Swimming regulations and is not negotiable. Deck changing refers to the changing into or out of swim suits on the deck of the pool. Changing into or out of swim suits is to be done in the pool facility's locker rooms and/or designated changing areas.

Entrance to the FCHS pool deck - important: As per the FCHS Athletic Director, all athletes are to enter the pool through the locker rooms. Athletes are not permitted to enter the pool deck through the double doors by the elevators. Parents/ guardians are not permitted on the pool deck. Parents/ guardians are welcome to watch their swimmers from the spectator stands.

Entrance to pool buildings and parking - important:   For FCHS, all athletes and parents are to enter the pool building at the entrance that has the fox statue in front of it. Parking for that entrance is easiest in the lot adjacent to the tennis courts. For Shady Side Academy Senior School, all athletes and parents are to enter the pool building at the side entrance, adjacent to the tennis courts. We are to park in the Hillman Lot  at Shady Side Academy. Parents/guardians are not permitted on the pool deck at SSA and they are welcome to wait for their swimmers in the balcony.

Be sure to check the practice schedule each week. Practice times and locations will be posted on the practice schedule. The practice schedule tab is located along the top ribbon of our homepage. New weekly schedules are posted each Sunday. Schedules are subject to change mid-week due to unforseen circumstances.

Sample schedule: Click here to view Sample Schedule or click on the Sample Schedule dropdown under the About Us tab on our homepage.

Spring session dates: Practice will begin the week of April 16. The Spring session will end May 25 for all groups. Spring session practices will be held at FCHS. Senior group will also practice at Shady Side Academy Senior School certain days of the week.

Summer session dates: May 29 - August 3 at FCHS and Olympic Swim and Health Club for Developmental 3, Junior and Senior groups.  Starting June 11 at FCHS pool for Developmental 1 and 2 groups. Olympic is an outdoor 50 meter long course pool. There will be no summer session for Pre-Competitive group.

College Swimmers:  Welcome! To be a "college swimmer", you must have completed at least one year of college. All college level swimmers must have a current USA Swimming registration to practice with us. If you wish to compete this summer at lower level competitions (no Zones level or above championship meets) and do not have a current USA Swimming registration, please pay the $ 48.00 seasonal USA registration fee with your Killer Whales Swimming registration. If you wish to compete at the higher level competitions (Zones level and above championship meets) and do not have a current USA Swimming registration fee, please pay the $76.00 annual USA swimming registration fee with your Killer Whales Swimming registration. Please be aware that changing your USA Swimming registration status and fee during the summer season is not permitted by USA Swimming.

Teamwear:  Athletes are expected to wear a black swimsuit and their logo cap for all swim meets. See Team Gear on FCKW website for teamwear and equipment for purchase. Each registered swimmer will receive a Killer Whale Swim cap.

Killer Whale Safe Sport policies: Killer Whale Swimming supports and operates within the Safe Sport requirements/ recommendations of USA Swimming. Please click on each Safe Sport policy title to view the specific policy: Team Travel, Locker Room Monitoring, Photography, Action Plan for Bullying and Electronic Communication.

2018 Spring/Summer Athlete Registration Fee Schedule


 Spring Session

   Summer Session

 Both sessions

(Full payment with small discount)

     Both sessions 

(Total divided ino 3 equal payments)         



no summer session



Developmental 1





Developmental 2





Developmental 3











$220 $325 $490 $546

FCHS Conditioning

(Those who swam HS Pre-season conditioning Fall 2017)

$100 x x x


*MUST have

USA Swimming registration

to participate




 Registration fees do not cover the cost of swimming in meets (i.e. meet entry fees, surcharges and/or travel fees), USA Swimming registration fees, and the Olympic athlete surcharge.

***NOTE to Summer swimmers who will be practicing at Olympic Swim and Health Club in Penn Hills(D3, Junior and Senior groups): You will receive a surcharge for swimming at Olympic this summer. This charge has yet to be determined by Olympic. When this surcharge is determined by Olympic, your account will be manually billed when it occurs.  Last year, each swimmer was required to pay a surcharge to Olympic of $40.

Other Fees

  • USA Swimming Registration Fee: The payment of this fee is required annually by USA Swimming for every swimmer for insurance coverage. Swimmers who were registered with Fox Chapel Killer Whales OR swam with another club in the Fall/Winter 2017-18 season have already paid this fee and will be exempt at this time. The USA Registration fee is $76.00 for those wishing to compete in high level competitions (Zones and above championships) and $48.00 for those registering as seasonal swimmers, not wishing to competete in high level competitions. If this fee is applicable to you, your account will be manually charged. USA Swimming is our national governing body.
  • Transfer fee of $5.00 is applied if a swimmer is transferring from a club within AMS. This fee will be paid by the athlete during the transfer application process with AMS.  No transfer fee is required if a seasonal swimmer is transferring from a club outside AMS.
  • Registration fees are not refundable.

Some financial notes

  • Fees are NOT prorated for missed practices or late registration.
  • Payment is accepted using a major credit card or a VISA or Mastercard Debit card during online registration. No checks will be accepted.
  • If your swimmer is registering for a single session (only Spring or only Summer), payment in full must be received  BEFORE a swimmer can attend practice, sign up for meets, and receive team emails. Coaches will require swimmers to sign in for practice to ensure swimmers are registered.
  • Meet entry fees, meet surcharges and travel meet fees will be charged to your account on credit card autopay as you incur the fees.
  • Credit card monthly installment payments are applicable only to combined Spring and Summer registrations due to the short length of the separate Spring and Summer sessions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Check your account to see if you have a credit. You may apply an existing credit towards your registration fees.
  • Each family is entitled to only one discount, if applicable (i.e. serving as an official or Multi-Athlete Discount). A Multi-athlete discount is applicable only if there is more than one swimmer in a family AND they register for both Spring and Summer sessions. There is no Multi-athlete discount for only Spring or only Summer sessions. The discount will be applied to the greatest valued discount.

Late registrations

  • If a swimmer registers after the first two days of spring practice, or after summer practice begins, he or she can attend practice for one week as a temporary swimmer. Coaches will take attendance to assure compliance.
  • Temporary swimmers will not have “active” account status. They will be unable to sign up for meets or attend practice for more than a week. Regular team communication via e-mail is only sent to active accounts.
  • Please note that late registrants will NOT receive any proration of fees.