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2016-2017 Clovis Swim Club Registration

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8/18/16 - 7/31/17

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8/18/16 - 7/31/17


Welcome to the Clovis Swim Club Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration.You will have access to youraccount within 3 days of completingthis electronic registration.

Dear Members:

Clovis Swim Club is a fee-based program that operates under the Clovis Sports and Recreation Department.  These programs are self funded and provide both recreation and competitive programs.  We are a nationally recognized program that finished the 2016 Long Course season ranked 62nd nationally in the Virtual Club Championship rankings .  We serve approximately 500 swimmers ranging from Novice level to Masters level.  We pride ourselves on providing quality recreation and competitive swim programs to our community at an affordable cost. 

Clovis Swim Club faces an 18% increase in expenses by January, 2018 due to recent increases in salary, minimum wage increases, benefit cost increases, and indirect cost increases.  We have recommended an 18% increase for implementation in November 2016.  This increase only matches our increased expenses.  We last restructured our billing system from a 12 month to 11 month in August, 2011 but this was not a fee increase.  The last fee increase was in 2009 when there was a 10% increase for Novice members, a 5% increase for Age Group and a 15% increase for Senior  members.  There was no increase for Masters members.  Increases at that time were aligning dues to instructional  time afforded.  All of these increases were necessary in order to keep up with the increased expenses at that time.  

Important Notes:  Since 2011 we have

  • absorbed over $10,000 / year in increased administrative expenses without adjusting dues.

  • absorbed last year’s 2% Salary increase without adjusting dues.

  • expanded Master’s Swimming opportunities without increasing dues.

  • expanded schedules and practice opportunities for all competitive groups without increasing dues.

Please know that it is one of our top priorities to keep our program as affordable as possible.


John McGough

Head Coach & Aquatics Manager