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2017 - 2018 Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/1/17 - 6/30/18

Open for New Members

7/15/17 - 6/30/18


Thank you for choosing Lancaster Aquatic Club as your home for competitive swimming and welcome to our organization! We are looking forward to the upcoming season and having your family a part of the LAC tradition.

Please read through this registration information carefully. Your registration payment and participation in the program indicates your acceptance of our rates, policies, and fundraising and volunteer requirements.

What do I need in order to register?

Please have a credit card ready as well as information including medical insurance, swimmer’s full name, guardian name(s) and contact information, etc. Upon the completion of your online registration, you will be charged a $99 per swimmer non-refundable registration deposit in order to hold your their place on the team. Note that your account will not become fully active until August 15, 2017.

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, September 5 - Practice Begins (please check the practice schedule, as not all training groups practice on Tuesdays)
  • Wednesday, September 6 - Parent Meeting (option 1 - parents need only attend one, as the information will be the same)
  • Thursday, September 7 - Parent Meeting (option 2 - parents need only attend one, as the information will be the same)
  • Saturday , September 23 - Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser and Social

Where can I find the practice and meet schedules?

The practice schedule and preliminary meet schedule (PDF) can both be found in the “2017 - 2018 Season” section of our website.

Training Fees

Training fees are invoiced and charged on the 1st of each month, beginning September 1, 2017 and ending July 1, 2018. You may suspend or terminate your membership at any time; please review the billing and refund policy for details. Please note that if you attended the open house on June 24, there was an error in the training fees; the correct fees are below. We apologize for the mistake.

  • Novice (formerly C): $93 / month
  • Age Group (formerly B): $118 / month
  • Advanced Age Group: $160/ month
  • Senior Prep: $175 / month
  • Senior: $215 / month

We offer discounted training fees to families with multiple swimmers and those who choose to pay the season in full prior to August 26, 2017. Please see the billing and refund policy for complete details.

Are there additional costs beyond the registration deposit and training fees?


USA Swimming Athlete Registration: All swimmers must have an active 2018 USA Swimming Athlete Registration. The cost of the registration is $70 and will be included in your September 1 invoice. Swimmers coming to LAC from another USA Swimming club are responsible for transferring their registration to LAC (club code: MA-LAC) which may incur an additional cost.

Meet Entry Fees: Meet entry fees are set by the meet host and are billed back to the individual swimmer. Most meets change a per event entry fee and you pay a small fee for each event you're entered in (1/4 of the event fee if the event is a relay). Some meet hosts may add a small surcharge on top of the event entry fee. We occasionally attend a meet that charges each team a flat entry fee; the entry fees for those meets will be divided evenly amongst every LAC swimmer participating in the meet, regardless of how many events that swimmer swims. Meet entry fees will always be spelled out in advance in the meet packet and on that's meet's event registration page. Participation in meets is not required, but is encouraged.

Will LAC do any fundraising this season?

Our fundraising program is important for LAC.  We fundraise for various reasons, but mostly to keep costs down for families while continuing to provide our swimmers with the best training possible. Each year, we participate in the USA Swimming Foundation's Swim-A-Thon. This year's Swim-A-Thon will be on Saturday, September 23 at F&M and we encourage each family to raise $200 towards this initiative. Additional details will be provided shortly after registration. 


Current and former LAC swimmers should log into the site before proceeding. If you have forgotten your password, please do not attempt to register using a different email address; instead, please use the link at the bottom of the sign-in screen to reset your password. Current swimmers should register for their current training group unless otherwise instructed by their coach. 

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