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2018 Long Course Meters

Open for Returning Members

4/10/18 - 7/1/18

Open for New Members

4/10/18 - 7/1/18


Welcome to the Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics (MLA) Electronic Registration platform for the 2018 Long Course Meters swim season.  

The process is simple for both new and returning members - please complete the forms by checking the boxes, review contact information and update any apparel sizes .  Registering returning swimmers, please register to the last group they swam with in SCY, new swimmers, please make the best selection and admin will adjust their group if needed.  Once registered, you will gain access to your private account that will enable you to easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for volunteer jobs, see your swimmer's swim times histories, maintain your contact information, and so much more. 

We thank you for being a part of the MLA tradition! 

MLA is proud to be recognized as a 2018 USA Swimming Silver Medal Club!

Our Mission: Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics is a facility owned, nationally-ranked USA Swimming program focused on creating opportunities for our student-athletes.  We maintain an inviting, positive, and creative environment which respects diversity, instills confidence, and celebrates hard work.


New to 2018 MLA LCM Registration!

Please read through the following before you complete your registration.

First, there is a change in how you will see your discount if you are an HCAC member and/or resident.  Starting this season, instead of seeing your resident or HCAC discount as a separate line item on your invoice, the discount is now built into the monthly fee for that group.  Example:  You can choose Red 1, Red 1 (HCAC Member) or Red 1 (Resident).  Each registration group will already have the correct discount applied to monthly billing.

Second, please choose the timing of your registration.  If you are planning on starting practice April 16th, please register now.  You will be billed for a ½ month for April and your LC season team fee of $50.  Then on May 1st, your normal monthly billing will occur through July.  If you are not starting until May, please wait until May to register.  We know some kids will not be starting right away due to other spring sports/school commitments and hope this helps with any billing adjustments.  Also, as of now, summer practice times will be similar to last LCM season.

Finally, remember when you go to register, please make sure you are signed out of your account.  Click the Begin MLA Registration button below the sign in.  Make sure all of your account information for *apparel sizes and *contact information for your athlete/family are up-to-date.  Please register for the last group your swimmer was in during SCY season and if you have a question about what group to register to please email:  jwhitehead@mlaswim.org

If you have any other registration questions, please email:  mlacoaches@mlaswim.org