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2019-20 Short Course Dryland Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/22/19 - 1/1/20

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8/5/19 - 1/1/20



Aquajets Dryland 
Aquajets Dryland is geared towards swimmers ages 9-18 (if swimmer will be 9 during the current calendar year they may register for dryland) and focuses on improving each swimmer’s all-around athleticism.  Like our swim program, Aquajets Dryland places heavy emphasis on proper technique and safety, and includes:
  • cardiovascular conditioning
  • strength - speed - and power-building activities
  • coordination and mobility exercises
  • injury prevention and, of course,
  • FUN!
We hope to make all of our swimmers better athletes on land so that they can be faster, stronger, and more confident in the water.
Who can do dryland?

Dryland is offered to swimmers that are 9 (or turning 9 during the current calendar year) in:  BlueThunderBlueJets, BlueLightning, Junior 1, Junior 2, Junior 3, Senior Groups, and the National Group.  

Where does dryland take place? 

We have a Dryland Gym featuring 5,500 square feet of training area, wall to wall rubber flooring and state of the art equipment across the hall from the pool at the Aquajets Aquatic Center.  Our space is designated solely for the dryland program to ensure privacy and safety for our swimmers.

The schedule and cost.

The schedule is posted on the calendar and should be checked regularly for updates.  Your credit card, along with any outstanding Aquajets account balance, will be charged upon registration.  Please check under the Dryland & Nutrition Tab for fees.

When and how often does dryland occur?

BlueThunder, BlueJets, and Junior 1 Dryland occurs once a week.  BlueLightning, Junior 2, Junior 3, the Senior Group occurs two days a week and the National Group is held three days a week.  Please check under the calendar for days and times for each group for the Short Course Season's schedule. 

Dryland Basics.
Dryland Basics is held the first week of each session, during regular Dryland times.  Dryland Basics orientation is mandatory for New dryland athletes and lapsed athletes who did not participate in dryland the previous season.  New or lapsed athletes who are not able to attend Dryland Basics must contact Lisa and arrange a private Dryland Basics session.  Private Dryland Basics are subject to a $45 private lesson fee.

How do I register?

If registration is currently open, there will be a "Register Now" at the bottom of this page.