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Head Start 2022

Open for Returning Members

8/4/22 - 9/5/22

104 Members

Headstart will begin on Tuesday, September 6th.  This is a great opportunity to get back in the water, prior to the start of the season.  We will focus on stroke drills, with some minor conditioning, to prepare for the upcoming season.  This fall, Headstart will be offered to Bearcubs, Bears, Brown Bears & Black Bears.  Bearcubs and Bears will practice together and Brown Bears and Black Bears will practice together.  It will be $200 for the Fall Head Start Session.

Sessions will run Monday through Friday, . 9/6-9/30

Bearcubs & Bears will be 7-8pm at UAHS and Brown Bears and Black Bears will be 8-9pm.

Registration will open Thursday August 4th

Registration and payment for headstart will all be done through our website.