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2018 SWIM TEAM Registration



REGISTRATION for the 2018 Summer Team is CLOSED. Please visit us again next Spring!

PUPs is FULL....(Sorry, and so is our WAIT LIST)

  Thank you for your interest. Have a GREAT SUMMER!  :o)

For more information click HERE.

We will be registering Wheatlands (this does not include Beacon Point or Southshore) residents on April 8, 2018 from noon (12PM) until midnight, both new and returning Wheatlands residents can register onto the team. 

All other returning 2017 team members will register on April 11, 2018 at 12:00 pm.  Registration will remain open for returning 2017 team members only until either the team is filled or until we open the at-large registration.

 If there is space available on the team after these two groups register, we will open registration to new members  (Both Wheatlands residents who missed priority registration, any former team members who missed registration, and any other new at-large members) on April 14, 2018 at noon.  

If you register outside of your specific group (i.e. you are not a Wheatlands resident and you register during the Wheatlands priority registration) your registration will be removed and any monies paid will be refunded (takes about a week to process the refund).  If you wish to be placed on our waitlist, please email us at Wait-list requests for the at-large community will not be taken until 4/14/2018.

You may only register for your own family members or those children that are under your legal guardianship. 

VOLUNTEER SIGN UP:  Each family is required to work a minimum of 7 REGULAR SEASON shifts (no more than 2 per meet), no exceptions!  If you are not able to volunteer your time, this is not the team for you!  You can find the Volunteer Job Descriptions on the website, and determine the kind of job that you would like to work.  Jobs are based on availability, however, and sign-ups will occur during the season, so look for more sign-up information when the season starts.

SWIMSUIT/CAPS/SPIRIT WEAR:  New this year: Swimsuits and caps will be purchased CONCURRENTLY during registration.  There will be NO OTHER order for suits and caps.  Registrations will not be processed without a suit purchase.  Spirit wear will be offered through a separate order AFTER you have registered and been accepted onto the team. Information will follow for spirit wear after the team has been seated.

Checklist for ordering TEAM SHIRTS, SWIM SUITS, and CAPs:


  • For each swimmer, click on the swimmer's name.
  • Scroll down to the T-shirt field.
  • Make sure the size of t-shirt is appropriate. There will be no exchanges of t-shirts for incorrect sizing.  Options:
    • Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large
    • Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult Extra Large.


For Female Sharks there is one type of swimsuit available.  It is the TYR blue patterned one piece made with Durafast lite weight polyester material.  The suit is available in sizes 22-38.  

For Male Sharks there are two options available.  The jammer and the racer.  Both are TYR made with Durafast lite weight polyester material. 

The jammer has more coverage, the racer is the brief.  Most swimmers pick the jammer.  The older male swimmers tend to prefer the racer.  You must designate which suit style you prefer.  The jammer is a blue pattern and available in sizes 22-38.  The racer is solid black available in sizes 22-38.  

For our TINY Sharks of either gender there is another option available!   A solid black female butterfly back suit or a solid black jammer is available in size 18 or 20.  

  • Swimsuits are REQUIRED.
  • If you are ordering a size 18 or 20 (male or female), please make sure to indicate the size needed on the ACCOUNT INFO page.  For that corresponding swimmer, choose sz 40 in the drop down menu (hopefully this will make sense when you register!)
  • For each swimmer, click on the swimmer's name.
  • Scroll down to the SWIMSUIT SIZE field. 
  • Make sure the swimsuit is the appropriate size. You will receive whatever is selected on the order form.  All swim suit sales are final.
  • Register your swimmer to the appropriate registration group based on gender and age. Options:
    • 14 & Under FEMALE Swimmer
    • 15+ FEMALE Swimmer
    • 14 & Under MALE (JAMMER Suit) Swimmer
    • 14 & Under MALE (RACER Suit) Swimmer
    • 15+ MALE (JAMMER Suit) Swimmer
    • 15+ MALE (RACER Suit) Swimmer


Purchase of swim caps is optional, BUT only Wheatlands Sharks caps are allowed to be worn during Shark meets. Each order is for TWO caps. Each order is $36. All cap sales are final and personalized swim caps WILL NOT be available after the close of the sales!!!

For one or more sets of caps with the SAME name on all caps:

  • On the payment page, one order = 2 caps.
  • For your first swimmer, scroll down to the CAP NAME field (above the Wheatlands/non-Wheatlands required field)
  • In ALL CAPS enter the name for your PAIR of caps.

For more than two sets of caps with UNIQUE names on EACH PAIR of caps:

  • On the payment page, one order = 2 caps; two orders = 4 caps
  • For your first swimmer
    • Select your swimmer
    • Scroll down to the CAP NAME field (above the Wheatlands/non-Wheatlands required field)
    • In ALL CAPS enter the name for your FIRST PAIR of caps.
  • For your second swimmer
    • Select your swimmer
    • Scroll down to the CAP NAME field (above the Wheatlands/non-Wheatlands required field)
    • In ALL CAPS nter the name for your SECOND PAIR of caps.
  • Repeat with other swimmers for any subsequent personalized cap orders.

SHARK PUPs: for our 3 1/2 - 6 years olds that are NOT able to make it the length of the pool without someone holding and/or helping them and are just not quite ready for the team YET!   

* SHIRT: Please make sure the size is correct in registration.

SUIT: Team suits and caps are NOT required for PUPs.  Cap orders can be easily added, but special arrangements will need to be made to order a team suit.  If you are interested in ordering a swimsuit for your PUP, please contact Tricia Schimberg at

 * VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS: Are not part of the PUPS program unless you have swimmers on the summer team.  We do ask that you come to the July 1st FUN PRACTICE/PUP RACE day to time and film your PUP.

* This program is designed for a specific segment/type & ages swimmer with a certain level of abilitites.  Coach Karen & a Board Member have the final say as to whether it is the right fit for your kiddo.  

  1. If your kiddo can in fact make it across the pool, they may determine that the team is the best place for your swimmer and you will be asked to move them up accordingly - which will include all requirerments to be part of the summer team.
  2. OR that PUP is too advanced and that other options may work better for your kiddo - i.e. private lessons and you will be refunded accordingly.

If you have any questions please contact Nina Painton @ (720)220-2227 or

Any questions during the Registration process, please contact us at

Refunds will be reviewed on a case by case basis and issued, by arrangement, with our Treasurer Scott Drakulich.




Registration is not open. Please come back later.