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2022 High School Wave; Spring Splash; Summer Splash

Open for Returning Members

4/15/22 - 6/12/22


Welcome to our 2022 Rocklin Swim Team's WAVE High School Registration & SPLASH online registration! Please read through all of the registration information as some policies have changed. Note league athlete age determined by 6/15/22 swimmer age.  

**This registration process is not optimized for mobile devices. Please consider using a tablet or other larger computer to make the process smoother.


WAVE High School Registration Cost = $200 (for high schoolers currently swimming on high school swim team that practice with Wave after their high school champs meet). There is no refund for high school registration.    Swim practice for high school swimmers is Mon- Fri click here for Wave flyer.

Other Fees:

  • $15.00 per swimmer (non-refundable) for NorCal swim league registration (HS swimmers only)

  •  $10.00 swim caps are available for purchase with your registration.

SPLASH swimmers click here for our 2022 Splash flyer that describes the program.  Splash is not a learn to swim or swim lessons program. You can sign up for our lessons HERE. Splash is a swim team environment without competition outside of our own team practice meets. 


Spring Splash Clinic-A (May 9-June 9) Monday and Wednesday, 7:30-8:00pm

$89 for the session

Spring Splash Clinic-B (May 9-June 9) Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-8:00pm

$89 for the session

Summer Splash Clinic (June 13-July 28)  Monday thru Thursday

Bronze: 12:50-1:30pm. Can swim a 25 of freestyle and is comfortable on their back. Focus will be on becoming proficient in both Free and Back. Breaststroke and Butterfly will be introduced. Flip turns will be introduced. 

Silver: 12:40-1:30pm. Proficient in both freestyle and backstroke. Has a strong understanding of breaststroke, butterfly, and flip turns. Needs to be about to swim a 100 freestyle and 50 backstroke without stopping. 

Gold: 12:00-12:50pm. Focus on advanced swimming strategies and techniques. Must be able to complete a 100 IM legally. Must be able to understand and complete a swim set given by a coach and independently complete that set. Ex. 10x50's on the 1:15 alternating between free and backstroke. 

** Fins are required for all Splash Groups.

$275 for the session

Coaches reserve the right to reassign swimmer to a different group based on skill level.

The last day to request a full refund, minus $25 processing fee is May 8th (Spring Splash) and June 12th (Summer Splash). Partial Refund or Credit determined on a case by case basis after those dates.   

Swimmers can register for both spring & summer session. Due to system limitations you must register for one session at a time. 

Below are the MANDATORY steps to complete your registration:

1) Click on the registration link provided below and follow the steps which includes accepting the terms and conditions. Registration fee must be paid via debit card/credit card.

2) Create or update your profile as necessary (address, emergency info, email addresses, cell phone, etc.). Click here for more information to on how to receive text messages  

3) FOR HIGH SCHOOL swimmers (THIS IS NOT FOR SPLASH) Go to the Nor Cal League link provided below, complete the NCSL league form and submit payment for your $15 league fee. Your swimmer will not be eligible to compete until this step is completed. When you go to the league site, please do not sign in but click Register Now Link.

Nor Cal League:  click here

Please email Dara Warner & Shawna Philipp ([email protected]) if you have any questions.