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2018 Summer Registration


Welcome to online registration for the
Loomis Basin Dolphins & Jr. Dolphins 2018 Season

Open tryouts are closed, please contact loomisdolphins@gmail.com if you have any questions about joining the team or scheduling a tryout.

There is limited space in Swim Team age groups. Jr Dolphin Registration will be open until June 4th.

Early Bird Priority Registration March 4th-18th, 2018: All RETURNING swimmers and their siblings are invited to register during this time for an early bird discount of $25.

Regular Open Registration March 19th-April 23rd, 2018: All NEW and returning swim team swimmers are invited to register during this time. All NEW swimmers (including siblings and previous Jr. Dolphins members) must register for new swimmer evaluations, at which time they will be referred to the swim team, Jr. Dolphins, or swim school. Until they are placed, new swimmer accounts will remain in pending status.

New swimmer evaluations:?New swimmers can either attend evaluations on Saturday, April 7th or Saturday, April 14th from 10 to 11:30am. Evaluations will be held at the Del Oro High School pool. New Swimmers only need to attend one evaluation date.

You will need to bring a copy of your swimmer's birth certificate, your swimmer, swim suit, towel and goggles. Our coaches will be excited to meet your swimmer and help them during their evaluation!

Upon completion of the evaluation, your swimmer will be referred to one of the following Dolphin programs, and you will complete your registration at the pool deck:

  • Dolphin Swim School - a first step toward (or an alternative to) swimming competitively. Individual and group swim lessons for ages 3 and up, and all abilities. Levels progress from water acclimation (level 1) through floating (level 2), streamline kicking (level 3), freestyle arms (level 4), side breathing (level 5), backstroke (level 6), etc., up to level 10.
  • Jr. Dolphins Swim Academy - a transitional step between swim lessons and LBD summer swim team for swimmers ages 4-10 who swim freestyle at least 12.5 yards. No breath requirement. Focus is on basics of freestyle and backstroke. Junior Dolphins will have the option to race in two home meets, and each family must commit to helping at one home meet.
  • LBD Summer Swim Team - our recreational swim team for ages 4-18. 6 and unders compete in freestyle and backstroke only. 7/8s and up also swim breastsroke and butterfly. Coaches are looking for a combination of water safety, stroke knowdeldge, and coachability in new swim team members.

Registration Fees:

Multi-Swimmer discounts offered for swimmers aged 4-14 (except those in the Jr. Dolphins program). All swimmers aged 15-18 receive a reduced fee; no other discounts apply. Please see the chart below for current registration fees.

Age Group

Registration Fee

Total Fees

Ages 4-14, 1st Swimmer

$300 / $275 early

$300 / $275 early bird

Ages 4-14, 2nd Swimmer


$530 / $505 early bird

Ages 4-14, 3rd Swimmer


$730 / $705 early bird

Ages 4-14, 4th Swimmer $170 $900 / $875 early bird

Ages 4-14, Additional Swimmers

$140 each

$1040 + /
$1015 + early bird

Ages 15-18 Swimmer



Jr. Dolphin Swimmer



If you will not be returning to LBD this season, please email Becca Inpyn, LBD Registrar, at loomisdolphins@gmail.com.

Hope to see you on deck soon!

Refund Policy: Any swimmer who terminates from the team for any reason must request a refund using the following policy.

  • All refund requests for must be made in writing by May 10, 2018.

  • Submit a competed refund request form by scanning and emailing it to: loomisdolphins@gmail.com ATTN: Refund Request.

  • All refunds will be subject to a non-refundable $25 fee.

Registration is not open. Please come back later.
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