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Winter Training 2017-2018

Open for Returning Members

11/18/17 - 12/8/17

Open for New Members

11/18/17 - 12/8/17

Niskayuna Rowing

Winter Training 2017-2018


“It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”– Paul “Bear” Bryant


The winter training cycle is key for rowers to develop the endurance and technical skill to race successfully in the spring.  The adage, “Races are not won in April and May, they are won in January and February,holds true in our sport.  Our goal is to prepare our athletes for the rigors of spring racing in a supportive, challenging environment.  The four pillars of winter training are stamina, strength, technique and teamwork.  Our workouts are designed to develop all four of these areas.



High School Boys and Girls will have 2 lifting sessions per week in the morning and 4-5 weekly ergometer/cross-training sessions in the afternoon. There will be no Saturday practices in December, but we will have some optional Saturdays in January and February.  
Modified Boys and Girls will have 3-4 weekly ergometer/cross-training sessions in the afternoon.

Exact days and hours for all teams are listed below.  This training schedule maximizes use of our resources and allows our athletes to receive the most coaching attention.

Coxswain Clinic: Coxswains play an important role in winter training and we see their participation as critical—both to their development as coxswains and to the development of the team as a whole.  We will again be offering weekly coxswain clinics to cover and discuss topics such as boat maneuvering, effects of wind and current, steering, race strategy, moxie and motivation as well as developing a technical eye to increase boat speed.  This is also a great time of year for coxswains to build relationships with teammates and earn some “street cred” by participating in workouts.  

"Other Sport" Athletes: Some of our athletes play different sports in the winter.  Playing different sports creates agility, improves fitness and broadens the athletic experience. We support those athletes who represent our school in another sport during this time of year.  We encourage those athletes to stay in touch with rowing by joining a practice when it does not conflict with their training/competition schedule (1-2x/week).  This will help those rowers to not fall behind technically.

MOHAWK MELTDOWN INDOOR REGATTA: Our Winter Training Program culminates with the Mohawk Meltdown on Saturday, March 3.  All rowers are expected to compete in this event.  The registration fee for Mohawk Meltdown is included in the Winter Training Program fee for all who have registered for any of our winter programs.

MULTI-ROWER DISCOUNT:  Offered to families registering more than one rower.  The discount is $50 off  for each additional sibling registering for High School Boys/Girls, and/or Modified Boys/Girls programs.  Discount is not available for Coxswain Clinic nor "Other Sport" Athlete registrations.  Please register all rowers in one transaction and discount will be applied at checkout.

REQUIREMENTS:    Niskayuna CSD requires  a current physical be on file and Gray Card be submitted and approved by the school nurse. We recommend students submit a Gray Card to their school nurse no later than one week before the start of the season.    
NSCD requirements can be found here:  
Gray Cards:

TRANSPORTATION: Middle School athletes will be bussed to the High School on days when school is in session.

Questions about program, please contact our Program Director, Stacey Apfelbaum at
Questions about registration, please contact our Registrar, Ranya Palmer at 



Winter Training Schedule

Monday, November 27, 2017 - Saturday, March 3, 2018
Niskayuana High School

High School  Boys: $390  (Discounted fee of $380 if paid by electronic check)

Nov/Dec- Weight Room  Mon/Wed 6-7am  Erg/Cross Training   Mon-Thurs  3:45-5:15                  
Weight Room  Mon/Wed 6-7am;    Erg/Cross Training   Mon-Fri       3:45-5:15 


High School  Girls:  $390  (Discounted fee of $380 if paid by electronic check)

Nov/Dec- Weight Room   Tues/Thur 6-7am;   Erg/Cross-training   Mon-Thurs 3:15-4:45
Jan/Feb-  Weight Room   Tues/Thur 6-7am;   Erg/Cross Training  Mon-Fri       3:15-4:45


Modified Boys and Girls:  $350  (Discounted fee of $340 if paid by electronic check)

Nov/Dec- Mon/Wed/Fri  3:45-5:30
Jan/Feb-  Mon-Thurs       3:45-5:30

Coxwain Clinic: $75 seasonal fee

Other Sport Athlete: $85 seasonal fee



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