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Thanks for your interest in the Badger Aquatics Club and our 2015 Spring Session. Before you continue with the rest of the registration process, please take a moment to read the following information about how our registration process works.

For the past several years at BAC, we've had a high level of interest in the club for all of our sessions. For our recent fall and winter sessions, this unfortunately meant that we weren't able to accommodate every single swimmer that was interested in BAC.  Last spring, we had similarly high numbers for many of our groups, but thankfully didn't have to turn anyone away.

This spring we're anticipating another high number of interested athletes in BAC.  In order to make the registration process go as smoothly as possible, and to be as proactive as we can in case we aren't able to accommodate everyone, we plan on doing registration like we did for the fall.

Registration for the spring session will open on February 16th and close on March 11th.  During this time, all interested swimmers (both returning BAC families and families that are new to the club) will be able to go through our registration process. However, this registration does NOT guarantee someone a spot; instead it lets us know who is interested, and in which group.  After the registration period closes, we'll have an idea of how many swimmers are interested in each of our groups for the spring session.  We'll then be able to take the next step in determining whether or not we're able to accommodate all of them.

If we have more swimmers for a particular group than we have space available, we'll notify everyone ASAP about our plans.  Our first priority has always been to take care of returning swimmers as well as families that have a history with BAC.  After that, we'll do the best that we can to accommodate new swimmers for each group.  We may need to run a short stroke clinic at the end of March, which will help determine who gets the limited number of available spots.  (If that is the case, then new swimmers will receive an email after registration closes.)

**In order to be considered for any available roster spot, you'll need to complete the entire online registration process and have all of your previous sessions PAID IN FULL!  Please do not pay spring fees until you get word that your registration has been approved.  (We will offer the 2 payment plan again this year for spring/summer swimmers only - half due now and the balance due by May 25th.)

***Because meet sizes in the area have been steadily growing, we want to ensure we’re able to get all of our interested swimmers into meets.  Many meets use a ‘reservation’ system that allows clubs to secure spots long before the entry deadline.  In order to have the most accurate information, we need all of our returning families to log into our meet sign-ups and indicate which meets they plan on attending.  More information on this new policy can be found with our meet schedule.

BAC has always prided itself on being an organization that has been able to take swimmers of all abilities and help them to improve and to succeed.  The recent increased interest has stretched our available pool time and space to the limit.  We'd love to be able to accommodate every interested swimmer, but the simple reality is that may not be able to this spring.

Thanks, and please email if you have any questions about the registration process (

Upon completion of your registration your swimmer will need to be approved.  All past due meet/registration fees will need to be paid IN FULL in order to participate in the new season,  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Your swimmer will not be approved until these fees are paid up.

All swimmers will be REQUIRED to be USA registered, regardless if a swimmer is not doing meets.  All spring swimmers have to pay the 2015 USA fees if they were not paid in fall/winter.  If you are a current 2015 USA swimmer transferring from another team you will need to send in a USA transfer form (found under "more information, forms/documents page") along with your payment.  This regular fee is good until 12/31/2015 and the seasonal fee is good until 8/31/15.  The 2015 fee is $60 (9 & up) and $52 (8 & under).  There is an optional seasonal USA fee of $41 for spring swimmers.  This fee will cover a swimmer from March thru August 2015.  A swimmer will need to renew 2015 fees if swimming in fall of 2015 when chosing this option.

Along with the registration fee & USA fee, BAC also charges two addtional "family" fees, EACH session. An administration fee of $45 and a fundraising fee of $30. These fees are per family and are charged every session (fall, winter, spr/sum).  There is no administrative or fundraising fee for Little Badger swimmers or for stroke clinic swimmers.

If you have any questions, please email Sherry at

We look forward to having you as part of the Badger Aquatics Club!