North American Challenge Cup/Zone Application

  • 3/28/15 - 8/4/15
  • 3/4/15 - 8/4/15
  • 08/06/2015
  • Unlimited.

Please register when you have time to carefully read an fill out each section of the application. ALL fields are required whether they say so or not. Your athletes application will not be processed if it is incomplete. Specific attention needs to be paid to the following:

1. If parent last name is different than athletes last name, use the athlete last name then a hyphen (-) and the parents last name (Smith-Jones). Do this in the PARENT SECTION ONLY. Do not do this in the athlete section. Use only the athletes last name.

2. DO NOT SKIP THE ATHLETES MIDDLE NAME. Enter the athletes full middle name. If they do not have a middle name, please enter an asterisk (*) in that field. Your athletes times are tied to their USA Swimming ID number which includes their birthdate, first last and middle names. If this information is not complete and accurate, your athletes times will not show up in our system.

3. We like the athletes to be responsible and informed. IF your athlete has an email address, please add it as an additional email address.

4. If your athlete has a cell phone, please include the number in the athlete section. This number will be used only at the swim meet.

5. Please add your cell number as well as your swimmers cell number to the SMS list.

6. Your athlete account will remain INACTIVE until the team is selected. Accounts will be activated for those swimmers who are selected to the team ONLY.

7. Do not apply if there is any question as to whether or not you will participate. By applying, you are agreeing to go if selected. Please discuss this with your coach and parents prior to applying.