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The Arkansas Dolphins are a year round swim team, with full time coaching staff and expenses.  Our fees are based on a year round program and fall into several categories.

Training Equipment Fees

A variety of different training tools are needed for swim training.  These are items you purchase yourself for training. 
Required Items
Optional Items
Competition Items
  • Comfortable swim suit (training suit) - available in many sizes, colors and styles.  Purchase at swim meets, online sites Little Rock Athletic Club - Aquatics Dept. or Splashwear Aquatics in Little Rock.  Price varies, however cost should be between $30 - $50 for female suits, and $20 - $40 for male suits.
  • Goggles - available at the same locations as training suits.  Price varies, however cost should be between $10 - $30.  Reflective lenses are needed when swimming outdoors (summer).  An extra pair of goggles or extra straps for goggles should be available with the swimmers equipment in case of loss or accidental breakage (it does happen!) 
  • Fins - available at LRAC - Aquatics Dept., Splashwear Aquatics or online sites.  Price will be around $30 to $40.
  • Swim Cap - available at swim meets, online sites, LRAC Aquatics Dept. and Splashwear Aquatics.  Price will be from $5 - $10 and available in latex (tighter fitting and less expensive) or silicone.  Team cap (latex) will be provided once each season to competitive swimmers, and should be worn at swim meets.  Silicone team caps will be available for an additional price.
  • Swim Bag - for storing all the training items in along with your towels and dry clothing. Available at online sites or Splashwear Aquatics.  Priced from $50 to $100.
  • Paddles - available at LRAC Aquatics Dept., online sites or Splashwear Aquatics.  Price will be from $10 - $20.  Check with your coach to see if paddles will be used for your training level.
  • Center Mount Snorkel - available at online sites or Splashwear Aquatics.  Price will be from $40 - $60.  (Age Group & Senior Level only)
  • Kick Board - Many swimmers prefer to purchase their own kickboard, although some will be available at the Racquet Club pool for practices.  If you choose to purchase your own, they are available through online sites.  Prices range from $10 - $20.
  • Pull Buoys - Many swimmers prefer to purchase their own Pull Buoys.  A limited number will be available at the Racquet Club pool.  Prices range from $10 to $15.
  • Racing suit - available at Splashwear Aquatics, online sites and LRAC - Aquatics Dept.  Price will be from $50 - $100 (or more for more advanced swimmers).  Suit should fit as tight as possible, and only worn for swim meets.
  • Extra Goggles - Every swimmer should have extra goggles for swim meets.  Competition goggles are available, however it is most important to have an extra pair of well fitted goggles.  Many times goggles will break a strap at a meet, and you may not have the time to adjust a new pair.  If the meet is outdoors, make sure you have reflective lens goggles.  Prices on goggles range from $10 to $30 and even more. 

Where to Purchase Equipment

Little Rock Athletic Club has a full supply of swim equipment.  Ask for the Aquatics Department. 

Little Rock, Arkansas has a year round swim shop called Splashwear Aquatics.  They are located at 9855 Maumelle Blvd, North Little Rock, next door to Senor Tequila.  501-753-4998 is their number. is the link to their webpage.

Some of the many locations parents have successfully purchased items online include: D & J Sports - headquartered in Dallas, TX with their free shipping on orders over $75  Lane4Swim  Speedo’s own website,swimming&re=US&co=US&la=EN Nike’s swim area TYR’s swim site


Meet Expense Fees

Swim meets are paid for according to your participation.  When you choose to swim in a swim meet, you will enter online and will pay for only the events you are swimming.  There is no fee if you don’t swim in the meet.  The meet fees are divided up into surcharges and entry fees.  The surcharge is an amount you pay per athlete.  This is typically $6 per swimmer for most meets, and $16 per swimmer for meets held in University of Arkansas pools (UALR or U of A) and covers relay fees.  Additionally, you pay an amount based on how many events you will be swimming in.  The charge is usually $2.50 per event for Arkansas meets. 

So, meet charges will run from $10 - $30 per meet, depending on the type of meet, location of the meet and how much you swim.  This entry fee is billed by the Booster Association and due by the 19th of each month.  There are no refunds; after the team deadline, the team hosting team already has the check.  If you sign up for a meet, you must pay for the meet, there are no exceptions.

Swim meets have a dual purpose.  They give our swimmers the opportunity to race.  But they are also used as fund raisers for the host team, and the LSC (Local Swim Committee - in our case ASI or Arkansas Swimming, Inc.).  Money raised by ASI helps all Arkansas swimmers.  This money is used to send Arkansas swimmers to Zones, Nationals and Olympic Trials. 

No swim team can exist without the additional help of sponsors and workers.  Our swimmers all have many additions to their training and competition with help from some wonderful corporate sponsors.  OneBanc, Stephens, Inc., TYR, Little Rock Racquet Club, Little Rock Athletic Club to name a few.  There is always room for more.  The Dolphin-Laser Booster Association is a 501(c)3 organization, and as such most donations are tax deductible.  

When we host a swim meet, we need lots of volunteers.  One of the primary purposed of hosting a meet is to raise money for the team.  We depend on help financially and with your time.

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