Membership Information

Dues must be paid no later than the 6th of the month. If dues are paid later than the 6th, the swimmer will not be allowed to practice or to swim in a meet until dues are paid and current.

Dues may be adjusted each year by approval of the general membership at the annual meeting.

Dues can be paid either by check or online (credit card or ACH). If you pay by cash, you are responsible for obtaining the receipt.

If a swimmer pre-pays dues for the entire season and then quits or is unable to complete the season, the treasurer will refund a pro-rated amount on a monthly basis. No refunds will be issued for partial months.

If your child is absent all or part of a month, you are still responsible for the dues for that month.

VSC dues may be paid online (preferred) or checks mailed to:VSC;Box 1257;Petersburg, Alaska 99833

Please make checks payable to Viking Swim Club or VSC.

Dues Schedule
Monthly Dues Are As Follows:
Group A $55.00
Group B $65.00
Group C $85.00
Capped monthly dues For Families With 2 or more Swimmers $170.00

For Group Descriptions please click here.