Membership Information


Competitive Team
Flying Fish Swim Club offers training and competition for all levels of swimmers wishing to explore the sport of competitive swimming, experience success and have avenues to achieve their maximum potential. Anyone interested in becoming a member is asked to attend a swim tryout.  Group evaluations for new swimmers are scheduled in August at the beginning of the season, while individual evaluations may be conducted at other times of the year.
During the tryout, a coach will observe the swimmer performing all four strokes.The minimum criterea to tryout for the team is

  • Swim 50m Freestyle with good technique
  • Swim 50m Backstroke with good technique
  • Swim 50m Breaststroke with good technique
  • Perform 15m basic Butterfly (correct dolphin kick, arms clear of the water)
  • Swim 4 x 50m Freestyle on 1:30

Please do note that the performance of these skills does not necessarily guarantee you a place on the team - final team members will be decided entirely by the coaching staff.

Within three days of the assessment you will be notified via email on your swimmers results. If successful you will be assigned an appropriate group placement within the swim program and you will be provided with all the registration information.

Swim School/Lessons
The Little Fish Swim School offers aquatic lessons for ages 8 months through adult.  For more information and to schedule an assessment lesson please visit the Swim School website:

Since your swimmer will compete for BIS Flying Fish, you are a member of the team.  As such, Flying Fish asks that you be aware of the important and various financial and volunteer commitments that come with your membership. Please read the following information carefully and completely. If you have any questions, please email us.
To be announced. Will include cap, short and team suit
The 2011-2012 swim year runs from Setember 5th, 2011 to June 18th, 2012.
Please review your invoice summary prior to the 1st of each month to make sure you are aware of and prepared to pay the correct amount.  Non-recurring charges such as meet fees, cap fees, towel fees, or special t-shirt fees may be added to your recurring monthly dues and are due in full at the end of each half term.  A $25 Bhat late fee will apply for accounts that are outstanding for more than 30 days.  Because meet fees must be paid by Flying Fish in advance these fees will not be reversed if a swimmer fails to attend a meet for which s/he signed up to attend.


The Total Outstanding Balance, which includes nonrecurring charges for meet fees, caps, etc and any other financial obligations are also due at the end of each half term. For improved efficiency and security in accounting these fees MUST BE PAID BY CHECK OR CASH TO THE SWIM COACH.

Volunteering is an essential part of any swim team. Volunteers are necessary for key positions to work at Interclub meets and home hosted meets. The Flying Fish Swim Club requires that parents of each swimmer volunteer to work sessions of each of these swim meets in which their child is entered. It is understood that you will work the entire session in which you are assigned, or you are responsible for finding a replacement to complete your assignment.  Volunteer sign-up is easy and convenient. When registration for a meet opens on the website, you also will be able to volunteer for jobs at the same time you commit your swimmers to the meets. On occasions you may be asked to time or volunteer in any other manner at a meet hosted by another team.


1.   -Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in the Flying Fish Swim Program if their financial obligations to the club are more than 30-days overdue, unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Team Administrator.
      -Flying Fish does not pro-rate membership fees. Fees must be paid in the entire season.