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Welcome to the Registration Information Section of the Spartan Website. If your child is new to the Spartan Swim Club, by now you've explored the other sections of the website and are ready to enrol your child in the club. Welcome! If your child is a returning swimmer, proceed to the online Registration system. If you don't know what level to register your child in, please talk to your child's coach or e-mail the Spartan office.

Most children who are new to competitive swimming register in the Beginner (8 & under), Starter (6 - 12) or Stroke & Development (12 & Over). If you think your child should be in a different level, please contact the Spartan Swim Office by e-mail  to discuss your choice with our coach, Justin Daly.

Whether you're a returning family or new family joining our team, the registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes using the online  Registration system. You will be requested to pay during the last step of the registration process. At the conclusion of the registration process and upon team admin approval, you will be granted access to your own private account for the team. You private account is your one-stop-shop for maintaining your contact information, declaring for swim meets, signing up for jobs, interactively tracking your kids times, and much more.

We look forward to having you be a part of our incredible swim team.

Program Group Information

  1. For a description of our programs click on Program Groups

Program Fee Schedule

  1. Fee Schedule

How to Read the Fee Schedule:

  1. Find the group in which you will be enrolling your child in the first column.

  2. Swim BC Registration fee is in the second column and the Competitive License fee is listed in the third column. Both these fees are based on your child's age (excluding the Starter levels) and are mandatory fees that the club must send to Swim BC on each swimmer's behalf.

  3. The monthly fees are listed in the fourth column according to level. These fees may be paid in
    FULL for the season or via monthly post-dated cheques. You are able to pay via Credit Card or post dated cheques. Payment must be recieved before your child starts swimming. Should a swimmer be unable to continue swimming prior to the end of the swim season, 30 days written notice must be given to the Spartan Swim Club payments will be stopped or the remaining post-dated cheques will be returned.

  4. Parent Participation Points are listed in the final column. These amounts are payable to the Spartan Swim Club dated June 15th.
  5. Fundraising activities within the Club,  (i.e. Chicken order sales, GLCB sales,  Plant Sales, etc...) will be credited to your account to be used for swim meets.

Parent Handbook

  1. Further registration information can be found in the club's Parent Handbook.

Once again, we welcome you to the Spartan Swim Club. If you have any questions regarding registration, please e-mail

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