Membership Information
To schedule an assessment, please email with the following information:
1) Swimmer's Name
2) Swimmer's Birth Date
3) Current level or previous swim experience
Please ensure to include the above information as we will need it before scheduling an assessment and providing group information.
Frequently Asked Questions
1) Can I join the program at any time?
Registration for new memberships is ongoing Sept-May for our regular season.  The Surrey Knights will attempt to accommodate all swimmers, but should your group be full, you will be placed onto a wait list. Swimmers on wait lists may still be eligible to participate in Swim Camps offered throughout the season. You will be contacted by the club once a space opens.
2) How the assessment works?
The assessment will take about 10-15mins.  Your swimmer will be run through some lengths of the pool to assess his or her skill and fitness level.  Based on the assessment, the age, and goals for your swimmer, the coaches will recommend group options for them.  The coach will go over the group information such as schedule and fees, and answer any questions that you might have.  After the assessment, we will go over what groups your swimmer qualifies for and you'll be given information regarding fees, schedules and registration.
3) Is the assessment free?
We do not charge for the assessment, however you will have to either pay the drop in fee at the front desk or use your recreation card to enter the facility.
4) Why does my swimmer need to be assessed?
Our program has multiple groups.  To ensure the best opportunity for your swimmer's skill development, fun and safety, all new members must undergo an assessment to help place them in the appropriate group.
5) My swimmer has previous swim club experience. Do I still need to do an assessment? Are there any extra steps required?
Swimmers with previous swim club experience may still need to undergo an assessment or trial, depending on their level of ability.  Swimmers faster then 4:00min in the 200IM will most likely not require an assessment, but still must meet with the head coach.
BCSSA Summer Swim Clubs - when contacting the registrar please provide your previous club's name, group level, and any best times your swimmer has.  This information helps us get an idea of what background your swimmer has..
Swim BC Winter Swim Clubs - when contacting the registrar please provide your previous club's name, group level, and any best times your swimmer has. Please remember, to be eligible for transfer you must be a member of good standing with your previous club (not owe any fees or have unresolved issues).  We value our relationship with the other swim clubs in the LMR so we encourage families to try to workout issues with their previous program before transferring unless it's due to moving cities.  Depending on the swimmer's level, registration might be delayed to the beginning of the next season or March/April.
Any other club - when contacting the registrar please provide your previous club's name and city, group level, and any best times your swimmer has.
6) Where can I find the schedules and fees for the program?
You can find group schedules listed under the program tab above.  We do not list the fees on our website to avoid confusion as we have multiple groups and levels.  When you contact us with your swimmer's age and level we can provide some fee information based on where they might fit into the program, but it's usually best to wait until they have been assessed.
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