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Welcome to Redlands Swim Team

Redlands Swim Team (RST) is a non-profit organization working with the youth in our community.   Over the past years, the Redlands Swim Team has coached athletes that have competed in local meets, Junior National competitions, Olympic Trials and even the Olympics.  Redlands Swim Team is the top rated club in the Inland Empire earning USA Swimming Silver Club of Excellence recognition.  

Learn to Swim: 

Redlands Swim Team has been providing quality water safety and swim instruction for over 50 years.  Our program is designed to first promote water safety and then begin the process of learning the 4 competitive swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke.

This program is designed for swimmers brand new to the sport or that are unable to swim 25 yards (one lap across the pool) in both freestyle and backstroke.  The swimmer to coach ration ranges between 4:1 and 6:1 depending on age and ability.

To register for our Learn to Swim classes, please select the "Learn to Swim Reg." tab at the top of the screen to register with our learn to swim program.   

Competitive Swim Team:

Step 1   Go to the pool for an evaluation. The coach will give you a group at the completion of you evaluation. Proceed to step 2.

       Swim Evaluation Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm at Redlands High School pool.

Step 2 – Register through the online system.  Got to the Redlands Swim Team website and select "Start Registration"  button on the left side of the screen.  Follow the prompts through all the screens.  Make sure to "Checkout" at the end to complete the registration.  

Step 3-  Last is to see the Team Administrator for birth certificate verification.  Registration is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00-6:00pm at Redlands High School or by appointment.  Please bring your swimmers original birth certificate. You will need to complete the USA Swimming in addition to the online registration.A  t that time your swimmer will receive a RST cap and a shirt.

Please follow these few simple steps to make sure your registration processes correctly. Make sure you fill in all required fields. The system will not let you advance without the information.

  • ONLY REGISTER INTO THE GROUP YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED!  You will be billed incorrectly at check out if you register into the wrong group. If it says the group is full, please contact RST Administration at .
  • SWIMMERS ONLY (Including Masters) - You need to select the USA Registration option before you check out unless your swimmer is already registered with USA Swimming for 2014 or your swimmer is on the State Reduced Fee Lunch program (see below). This field is highlighted in bright yellow on the checkout page .   This is the insurance coverage for each swimmer in the water. RST collects this fee and submits it to SCS for you. You will be required to fill out the USA Swimming Registration form on pool deck and show proof of the swimmer’s birth date in the form of a birth certificate or passport. The fee is $60/swimmer for the 2013 year.
  • If your swimmer is on the State Reduced Lunch Program for school you are eligible for a reduced USA Swimming Registration fee, please contact Andrea Benveniste for further assistance .
  • At check out, swimmers will be charged the RST registration fee of $40/swimmer.  This is an annual fee that will be automatically billed during the re-registration period for subsequent years. Once paid, the swimmer will receive a RST T-shirt and a RST swim cap. 
  • Registration fees  must be paid by credit card/debit card at time of registration.  In addition, the credit card information will be retained by the system for monthly billing.  This allows Redlands Swim Team keep the dues low by keeping the administration cost down.    

Our Current Group Monthly Dues Structure: 

  • Age Group Bronze - $70
  • Age Group Silver - $105
  • Age Group Gold - $125
  • Senior Bronze -$125
  • Senior Silver- $140
  • Senior Gold- $150
  • Triathlon/Masters - $50 - MUST register with USA Swimming - No scholarships or discounts available


Group Monthly Dues Structure (effective January 1, 2018): 

Monthly Dues


Dues Effective 1/1/2018

Age Group Bronze

$75 per month

Age Group Silver

$110 per month

Age Group Gold

$130 per month

Senior Bronze

$135 per month

Senior Silver

$150 per month

Senior Gold

$160 per month


$50 per month


Annual Dues

Note: Annual dues are paid during the re registration period or when a new athlete joins the Team.  If you are a current member this Annual Dues increase will not occur until the re registration period.

Registration Fee

Fee Effective 1/1/2018

Redlands Swim Team Registration Fee

$50 annually

USA Swimming  Registration

$66 annually



RST offers a multi swimmer discount for families with multiple swimmers:

1st swimmer full price

2nd swimmer $20 discount

3rd swimmer $40 discount

4th swimmer no charge, etc.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact

Terri Brown,

We look forward to having you join the Redlands Swim Team and are excited for another great season!