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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ's page, in here you will find the most popular asked questions from how to join our team to who are the coaches and what is our program format. If you have any additional questions please ask them using our Contact Us Form.

How can I join?
If your are interested in more information about RMT, please see the team infromation menu on this web site. Information on our training groups and their requirements can be found under the Training group menu.  If you would like to join the team you must attend a team tryout after the first week of September, if you do not attend our free week of swimming ( click here). 
Exceptions: swam at least 1 year with a USA team, qualified for silver state, CSI State, summer club league or summer club state.  Call the head coach for group placement. 
Tryouts are designed to accomplish 3 things:
1. To make sure swimmer is ready for the competitive team.
2. To make sure that our program is the best fit for the swimmer.
3. To determine what group is best for the swimmer.
During a tryout week, a swimmer should participate in at least 3 practices.
Is my swimmer ready for the Rocky Mountain Thunder Swimming?
We are a highly competitive, year round team and our swimmers are expected to meet technique/training/meet attendance requirements as well as minimum time and technique standards. 12 and Under swimmers are expected to be able to swim the full length of a 25 yard pool backstroke and freestyle, as well as demonstrating some knowledge of butterfly and breastroke.  13 and older swimmers must be able to do demonstrate all 4 strokes and swim at least a full 50 yards backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.
The best way to know if your swimmers is ready is to call or email the head coach  (720.295.3010 ) and schedule a team tryout. We hold tryouts every week, Mondays through Wednesdays after the first week of September
How many days per week will my swimmer swim?
This depends from group to group. Most of our 8 and unders will have practices 2 or 3 days a week for about an hour. As they progress through the program they will be given an appropriate number of workouts for their age.
Are there tryouts?
We do have specific "tryout" days. However, these try outs are more for both team and swimmers to try each other out. It really helps coaches to determine what group or groups a swimmer should swim in.
If your swimmer isn't ready that is ok, swimming is a learned skill and some swimmers will be recommended for more lessons – some may be ready for a stroke clinic – some may need some more experience before being ready for the upper levels at RMT.
There is a place for everyone in the sport of swimming! We will do our best to place everyone that we can properly.
When can we join?
Most of new swimmers will start in September each year, but you can join at anytime. Just call the head coach and we will make it happen.


1. Who will be coaching each group?
Right now, as we do not know the number of swimmers for each group. Brent will be working with both the Senior and Age group swimmers along with the prep kids on technique during certain practices.

Alexis current groups are White and Grey
Greg current groups are Blue and Black

Nathan current groups are Yellow and Senior 2
Brent’s current groups are Senior Division and Masters
Masters 1 and 2 will be coached by Brent, Greg and Nathan

2. Will there be any other coaches?
We will be adding additional coaches as needed.



What about meets?

We try to attend a meet every 4-6 weeks from October-July. Most of our meets are in the Denver area but we do have a few opportunities for a travel as well. Most of the meets have swimmers from many different teams in Colorado (some even have swimmers from different states or countries). We occasionally will have a smaller meet with just our team. Some of the meets are for swimmers who are just 8 and younger or 10 and younger – these are called 10 and under meets. Some of the meets are for swimmers 9 and older. Some are for swimmers faster than a certain time. Some are for swimmers who have not yet reached a certain time. This will all be explained more clearly once you are on the team! It really isn't that confusing!


1. Will there be a dry-land Program?
Over the last year Brent with the help of various dry-land specialists has developed a dry-land program the best fits RMT swimmers. 
All of the groups at RMT have some sort of out of the water activity – this is called "dryland". We start with the youngest swimmers and we teach them movements that will help them in the water as well as helping their progression of dryland training as they move from group to group on RMT. We slowly build the amount of dryland that we do as the swimmers are ready for it.
2. Can we take private stroke lessons?
You bet you can, just set up your lessons with your coaches, outside of practice time.

3. Why are your monthly fees set at the price they are?
Since we are a coach owned and operated team, setting the lowest price possible while still
obtaining the maximum pool time available is our goal. We feel that kids 12 and up should be
getting four to five practices per week, each lasting at least one and ½ hours. Some teams in
our area are lower in cost but do not offer the amount of pool time that we feel would be
beneficial for swimmers of that age.

4. Is there a Board of Directors?
As RMT is a non‐profit corporation, there is a board of directors but there is not a parent board. We are coach owned and operated.
5. What is the parent’s role?
We will need assistance from parents that are willing to help with our Thunder Club. This club helps with social events, team travel arrangements, website development and maintenance. They will help with team newsletters and new parent orientations. We also believe coaches should coach and parents should parent and swimmers should swim. Most of us prefer it that way. Open communication is vital and will occur. PLEASE COME AND TALK TO US IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.
6. Are Parents allowed on deck during practices?
You may observe for the first and last 10 minutes of practices, otherwise, we ask the pool area be reserved for swimmers and coaches to focus on the task at hand. We feel this allows your swimmer to take ownership of their own swimming, which is necessary for their successful, long‐term progression in the sport. If you need to be on deck, you may with a coach's approval.
7. Most club teams do fundraising. Does this team?
At this time we do not anticipate any fundraising activities for this team. The RMT USA Swimming Membership Fee is designed to get rid of the need for fund raising. We pursue sponsorships and donations of course. However, we do, do a fundraising events every fall and spring to help a local charity and over the last 6 years we have raised over $85,000 for these charities.
8. Can my child participate in High School Swimming and RMT swimming at the same time?
We love our swimmers to swim high school and encourage them to participate. During the actual high school competitive season for either girls or boys, if a swimmer chooses to compete for their high school, they should train with their high school team at least 3 days a week (except for official non‐contact days) and least 2 days with RMT. Some swimmers may choose not to compete for their high school teams and they will continue to train with RMT and compete in USA swimming meets. This helps create a team atmosphere for the high school and eliminates any potential for conflict of interest. This concept is strongly supported by most high school coaches. We are open to meeting with your high school coach to discuss season plans if desired. Talk to Coach Nick or Brent if you have any questions.
9. Is my swimmer allowed to swim both RMT and a Summer Club Team?
Unfortunately, Summer Club Swimming in the local area does not allow swimmers to be on a USA team and a Summer Club Team at the same time. However, RMT is a huge supporter of local Summer Club teams. We do our best to get kids ready for summer club if they wish to swim it. We strongly encourage swimmers to stay with us over the summer but support any choice the swimmer makes in this matter.
10. How should interested swimmers be approached?
USA Swimming does have a strict recruiting policy and RMT expects all future and current members to adhere to these guidelines. If you are approached by a current member of a USA Swim team that is interested in RMT, have them contact a RMT coach via email.
Please contact an RMT Coach if you have further questions or
need clarification. Thank You.