Membership Information

If you are interested in joining the Dolphins Swim Team or any of the Swim Lesson Programs, use the "Please Contact Me" tab. The coach or one of our team admministrators will get in touch based on the information you provide.


All billing inquiries are to be addressed with Kelly Godfrey @   

Registration is completed online through TeamUnify. Our billing cycle is based on the length of the winter and summer seasons.  If your child decides not to swim the next month, we require notice to the Coach and Kelly Godfrey, from a parent, to terminate the billing account.  Even if you plan on swimming year round, you do need to reregister each season.  First monthly payment is due when you join the team after a two-week trial period.   If financial assistance is required, please contact Coach Pedro at

The annual/monthly fee is paid to the E-town Dolphins and is used for the following expenses:

  1. Coaches salaries.
  2. Coaches benefits i.e., health insurance. 



There are discounts for multiple swimmers and for paying on an annual basis.