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We Want YOU to Join Our Team!

If you have ambition to succeed,
find out what our HIGH STANDARDS -
HIGH VALUE program can do for you!

WAVES Swimming offers all our athletes the opportunity and encouragement to make an uncompromised commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

If transfering to the WAVES from another USAS club, complete an ISI Club Transfer form,and give it to a WAVES coach.

You are eligible to compete in meets with your WAVES teammates and coaches right away from the day you join.  Your times count and you are treated as a full team member.

If you were already entered in the meet by your old club, we simply ask the timing desk operator at the meet to switch your team affiliation.

You will be listed on meet entries, heat sheets, etc. as "unattached" for a period of 120 days since the last meet representing the old club. During this period as an "unattached" swimmer, you are not on WAVES relays, and you do not score points for the team.

After the 120 day period, you will be listed as representing WAVES, will be eligible for team relays, and will score team points.

Why should my child swim with the WAVES?
Because he or she is motivated to step up to higher levels in the sport.

Value of the WAVES program
When you join the WAVES you are joining a program with high standards and a long term plan for athlete development providing benefits which will span the critical years of childhood and adolescent maturation.

As a WAVES team member, young people develop a love for the sport while being introduced to the fun challenge of striving for improvement to "be the best you can be" under the positive, encouraging guidance of one of the best coaching staffs in the country.

  • We have proven expertise to develop swimmers from Novice to International elite.
  • Our athletes receive the most current advances in stroke technique instruction.
  • Step-by-Step competition plan provides for effective goal setting and motivation.
  • Long Term Athlete Development Plan brings highest levels of success at maturity.
  • WAVES athletes are sought by major college teams across the country.

Stroke technique...We consider swimming a technique-limited sport. Our expert coaches work on skills at every practice session, and we are continually staying current with the latest advances in stroke technique.  Click here to read about our coaching staff.

Developing children into successful young adults...Many parents are pleasantly surprised to see their children energized with enthusiasm for the challenges of daily WAVES training and competition.  Learning the secrets of success on the WAVES team, our athletes develop character traits allowing them to turn dreams into goals, learning goal completion, acquiring skills, applying determination to ability, and making achievement at the highest levels of the sport a realistic outcome.  Click here to read more about the benefits of WAVES Swimming.  

One of the best swim clubs in the nation...The WAVES swim team is one of just twenty USA Swimming clubs - and the only club in the midwest - honored as Olympic Development clubs for developing three or more swimmers ages 17 and younger to the 2008 Olympic Trials, the highest level swimming meet in the country. In 2008, WAVES Swimming was ranked #1 nationally in number of USA Swimming Scholastic All-Americans to team size.

If you dream of going to higher levels, WAVES Swimming is how you get there

  • USA National Team
  • World Championships
  • Olympic Trials
  • US Nationals Finalists
  • National Junior Team
  • NCAA Division I All-Americans
  • National Age Group Record Holders
  • ...these are just some of the achievements of WAVES-developed athletes!
  • WAVES Swimming is where athletes go to become their best.

You’re welcome to join any time, year-round
Why wait?  Our coaches want to help your child improve technique, get fast, and build confidence.  Our swimmers want to welcome your child onto the team and make new friends.  Get your swimmer into the program he or she deserves.

Fun, Friends, Fast Swimming, and Self-Confidence
The first step for every future champion is developing a love for the sport. Join the WAVES, where your young child will have fun, make friends, develop confidence by learning skills, get attention from coaches, practice in squads of similar ability, and start lifelong habits of fitness and healthy living.  Meanwhile, we’re starting your athlete on a well-designed, long term program to develop fast swimming and confidence in their ability to succeed in the world!

We’re one of the best youth sports programs in the nation.  Find out what a high value, high standards swim team can do for your child.  Join today!

Here’s how YOU can get started with WAVES Swimming
Swimmer skill evaluations take just a few minutes and are held every Monday and Wednesday, between 4:15-5:00 p.m. at Bloomington-Normal YMCA, 602 S. Main St., Bloomington, IL 61701.

What to bring to the Swimmer Evalutation:

  • Fill out a WAVES New Swimmer Info form and hand it to the coach on deck. (Click Forms/Documents tab at top of page to find the proper form.)
  • Swim suit and goggles.  If long hair, we recommend your swimmer wear a swim cap.

If you can’t make our scheduled new member skill evaluations, please contact us to arrange another day and time with our coaching staff.

After we see your child in the water, we will assign him or her to a practice squad with others at a similar stage of athletic development.

More questions?  Click the Please Contact Me tab at the top of the page to send a message to the WAVES head coach.