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Welcome to the Lakes Area Tridents Swim Club. Lakes Area Tridents Swimming is a competitive swim club that operates year round.  The club fully supports and encourages participation on school swim teams as this is a great experience for all young swimmers.  If you are not a USA registered member and would like to experience firsthand our program, simply print out a medical release form, from the above forms and document tab and bring it to the practice session.

To join, there is an initial nonrefundable registration fee of $125 per member, which covers the USA Swimming athlete registration, two USA registered meets and eight USL dual meets, a swim cap and administrative fees . To begin the registration process, simply click Start Registration," on the upper left.   Swimmers, will not be allowed in the pool without a paid USA registration fee which is automatically renewed each year, in September..

After you have registered, we have also set up our own training gear and logo store, for logo gear, go to the tab "Tridents Apparel" and for training gear, go to the tab at the top called, "Team Store" and that will take you to our "Trident Gear."   When you purchase the swimsuit, then you will need to get the logo put on by the company, who manages our own apparel store.   All  training equipment, such as kick boards, fins, hand paddles and pull buoys or logo gear, such as our team suits, caps, sweats, t-shirts, etc. can be ordered, from the trident gear store.  Make certain that you put your name on the items that you purchase with permanent magic markers.

The Club collects all payments each month through an online billing system, on its web site.  Accounts are set up for each family and their swimmers upon registration.  Credit cards and online checking withdrawals are both available to you for making payments for dues, meet fees, and apparel.  No paper checks or cash, will be accepted for payment.  It is important to notify us, when you are not swimming, for any reason, otherwise, you will be billed automatically.  On the 21st of each month, you will be sent a reminder that you will be billed, on the 1st  of the upcoming month so please let us know, if you do not want to be billed.  We do not prorate accounts, for our monthly billing system.  Please contact Holly at holly@tridents.org if you have additional questions.

Lakes Area Tridents Swimming

3885 Watuga

Walled Lake, MI 48390



Members pay a monthly fee on the 1st of each month(5% discount, for each additional family member).  Details regarding the groups below, are available under "Swim Groups," at the top of the page.     

Developmental 2 Day  
Develomental 3 Day $80.00
Competitive 3 Day 100.00
Competitive 5 Day  
Pre-State 3 Day  
State $130.00
Senior $140.00



Registration Questions?  Contact holly@tridents.org

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