Membership Information

Registration for the 2011-12 Season is Closed

1-Day Trial Clinics (Ages 11 and Under) will be posted in February

Tryouts for Ages 12 and Up will be posted in February

Seven Simple Steps to Join LMRT!
1. Choose the Program
Determine the best program for your athlete.
  • Program Information, including minimum skiing standards, and participation & equipment requirements.
  • All new members 7-10 years old are enrolled in the Development Team until evaluated.
  • For New Development Team members, we hold trial clinics in Feb/Mar and the athletes from the clinics (that meet the team standand) are allowed to register first in July.  Any other opennings are made available in August and a wait list is started. 
  • Any new athlete that has not been evaluated in a clinic, will get evaluated by the coaching staff in December.  If they do not meet their groups minimum standard (equipment and skiing) their paid registration and program fees will be refunded.  A athlete off the waiting list will be invited to fill the open slot at this time.
2. Membership Forms
New and returning members must complete the the following registrations online.
3.  Parent Involvement
LMRT depends on the active participation of its parent-members to manage the organization, and to organize races and other events for the enjoyment of our athletes.
Please volunteer to help organize our annual USSA race (see the "Events" page for date and more information).  You can indicate a preference for a race job on the membership form when you join.   Also consider volunteering for an LMRT committee.  Details about both can be found on our Parent Involvement page.
4.  Payment
5. Associations
  • All LMRT members need to join the United States Ski Association (USSA) for insurance purposes. 
  • To be eligible for PARA Championship events, althletes must also be a member of the Pennsylvania Alpine Racing Association.  PARA registration is done with the USSA registration.  Please select LMRT for the athlete's club. 
6. Lift Tickets
  • Lift tickets are not included with LMRT membership.
  • However, Liberty Mountain Resort offers season passes and discount cards (Advantage Cards) at significantly reduced prices before the season starts.
    (See their website for more details)
  • The resort also offers larger storage lockers for season-long rentals. Availability is limited so contact the mountain early in the fall (717-642-8282).
7. Required Equipment
  • In addition to ski racing-specific helmets, check the required equipment for your athlete's program. 
  • Coaches can and will provide recommendations on equipment based on the ability of the athlete.
Then Get Ready for The Season!
  • Check the LMRT Team Calendar and consider Pre- and Off-season Activities, like:
  • Check your equipment and get what you need in OCTOBER! Manufacturers produce limited amounts of race equipment. Don’t wait until November when things start to disappear. Gear up early before it’s gone. 
  • Plan your race schedule.  Feel free to contact your coaches if you have questions or are unsure of which events to enter.   
  • Watch for e-mail from your Coaches about the Mountain opening and the first practice.