Membership Information

Our Vision - To provide a safe and supportive environment that allows swimmers, coaches and officials contribute to the sport of swimming at the local, regional, zone and national level. 

Our Mission -  To empower swimmers, coaches and officials to define and achieve their goals as they progress in the sport as individuals and as a team.

Come join us!

Hood River Valley Swim Team Registration Information 

You can try out the swim team for a week to see how it all works and meet the coaches for the first week for free beginning Mondays.  Email Head coach Shelly Rawding for days and times to get started or call 509-637-4051.  Masters swimmers can find information here.

You can now register ON LINE when registration is open during the year HERE 

Fees for the Swim Team are as follows:

    1. USA Swimming Registration $74 and good until December 31, 2021

    2. Team Dues. See structure below. 

      3.  HRVST Yearly Registration fee is $25/year per family (due when USA fee is paid)

Dues are paid the first of every month via autopay on the Team Unify website.  Additional information is on the registration form.  For the first month dues and USA fee, put checks payable to HRVST in the treasurers folder in the file cabinet.

 The newsletter will be emailed to you with a current email address. Please read this weekly and talk to the coaches if you have any questions regarding team information. 

The HRVST Code of Conduct form needs to be signed and returned with the USA Registration form before the athlete can practice.

HRVST Team Dues - This Schedule begins Sept 16, 2019

HRVST Dues Summary
Level Days Time Monthly Fee
8 and Under 3x/week 3:15-4:00pm  $70
Novice Mon-Fri 4:00-4:45pm  $70
Age Group I



Age Group II Mon-Fri 3:45-5:15pm  $81
Seniors Mon-Fri 3:45-5:45pm  $88

Morning masters








$54 +pool pass


Our winter swim season begins Monday, September 16th 2019 for returning swimmers only.  New athletes may swim the week of September 23 at no charge.  You may join at any time during the season as long is there is room for new swimmers.  Talk to the coach for more information. 

Workout time may change during the summer and school vacation times.   See weekly newsletter for details. 
 For application forms click here