Membership Information

2017 Summer Swim Season

We are pleased to offer online registration on our own website. The process is simple for both new and returning members.

  • Blackhawk Swim Team registration fees for 2017:

    14 & Under: $475/swimmer for 1st & 2nd swimmer. For families with 3 or more swimmers, the fee is $425 per swimmer after the 2nd swimmer. This excludes Mini-HOX swimmers in the same family. A team suit is included.

    15/18 age group: There is no fee to swim. You can purchase a suit at Zumo.

    Mini-HOX: $250/swimmer and does not include a team suit. You can purchase a suit a Zumo.

    If registration is completed prior to 2/19, your Blackhawk member number will be charged in two equal installments.  For those registering after 2/19, your registration fees will be due in full and charged to your Blackhawk member number. 

    For those registering after 5/7, a late registration fee of $50 per swimmer will apply and your registration fees will be due in full by check to Blackhawk Swim Team.

  • You must be a member of Blackhawk Country Club to register for the team, with the exception of swimmers in the 15/18 age group.  Please contact  Morisha Dechter  925-736-6566 for membership information.

  • Registration cancellation refund policy:  The last day to cancel your team registration is 4/30.  You will be refunded your registration fee less $150/swimmer.  After 4/30, there will be no refunds.

We look forward to having you register with the team and are excited for another great season!


Blackhawk Country Club Contacts

  HOX Swim Team    President   Brad Brodigan
  HOX Swim Team   New Parent Liaison   Sarah Kolbe
  Blackhawk Country Club    Aquatics Program   Sean Quackenbush
  Blackhawk Country Club   Club Membership   Morisha Dechter