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Membership Information

Welcome to Santa Cruz Swimming!

If you would like to inquire about joining the team, please contact: 

Team liaison and information: Summer Carney (831) 471-7887 or

Head Coach Jim Aumann: 

Our mailing address is: SANTA CRUZ SWIMMING, PO BOX 1616, SOQUEL, CA, 95073.  


Dear New Swimmers...  

There are a lot of reasons why you should be on our team! It's a cool group of kids; it's fun, and you'll get to be super-fit. Plus you get to see the world (well, at least you get to go to meets in different places from Salinas to Redding).

We have start-up groups that are non-competitive and you will not compete until you are more advanced and ready.

So, while your other friends are just 'hanging out' and 'doing nothing' or playing boring computer games for the umpteenth time, you could be out there doing something that not even your parents can do-and who knows where you'll end up?

So check us out!


New Swim Parents...

You want the best for your kids, right? Swimming is probably the best all-around exercise they, or anyone for that matter, can get. Our focus is to ensure that kids have fun while becoming excellent swimmers. The Competive team gives members an opertunity to test themselves against a clock. We view all self improvement as winning in our team, and stride to develop the skills and character typical of champions. We have top-notch coaches who love kids and swimming. And we have a pretty neat group of parents (read volunteers!) too.

This is a great way to instill in your kids a lifelong interest in personal fitness. It teaches them teamwork, shows them the value of hard work, gives them mental and physical stamina and provides a real alternative to the incredible number of other distractions kids are exposed to today. It's also a great family activity. The swim meets are fun  get-togethers with other families and swimmers.

We hope to see you and your swimmer out there on the pool deck. We can commiserate about how we can't keep up with our kids anymore!