Membership Information

New Member Tryout Information:

Tryouts are on Mondays 3:30pm at the Orange Park Pool by appointment. 
For other inquiries, please contact Marcus Nava - Head Coach [email protected] or call us at (650) 875-6973 during business hours.  

Minimum Requirements: Your child needs to be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and 25 yards backstroke.

Swim Team practice is held at the Orange Park Pool from Monday to Friday. The practice time will depend on the swim level group. Please check it out here

Monthly Dues for the different swim level group effective September 1, 2021: 

Blue Entry
$110.00 per swimmer
$120.00 per swimmer
$130.00 per swimmer
$130.00 per swimmer
Jr. / Sr.
$140.00 per swimmer
$140.00 per swimmer
  • If you join after the 15th of a month, your first month's dues are 50% of month dues per swimmer
  • After the first month, monthly dues are not prorated .

Family Fee

SSFAC’s total annual Family Fee is $125.00 per yearly season and covers all swimmers in a family.  The fee is prorated for new families only as follows.  If you are a past member of swim team the fee is $125.00 regardless of what month you join:

If you join in... You owe...
September - November $150
December - February $125
March - May $100.00
June $75
July $50
August $25

(Swim Season for Family fee is September 1st to the following year August 31st )

Pacific Swimming Registration 

The fee is $73.00 per swimmer.

If you join SSFAC between January - August 2021, you will need to pay $83.00 per swimmer for the current calendar year (2018).  Then, by October 2021, you’ll have to register at $83.00 per swimmer for 2022.

If you join SSFAC between September – December 2021 you pay $83 for the current calendar year (2022), but you will also be covered for the entire next calendar year (2021) at no extra charge.

South San Francisco Aquatics Club(pool at Orange Park)
P.O. Box 5179, South San Francisco, CA 94083-5179.
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