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The Lake Geneva Swim Club is a competitive swim team for children of all ages. Swimmers are coaches by professional coaches, and the program’s main facility is Badger High School in Lake Geneva.
Swimmers do not have to complete the Pre-Competitive Class prior to joining the swim team. Swimmers can join at any time and fees are pro-rated based on starting date.
The team has several groups and placement is determined by both age and swimming ability. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle and 25 yards backstroke in order to start in the beginning competitive swim team groups.
The beginner swim team groups have no practice requirements. Our practice schedule is very accommodating, and offers families flexibility in setting up a practice schedule that fits into their schedule. The suggested practice attendance is as follows:
Level 1A & 1B - 3 times per week
Level 2  -   3 times per week
Level 3  -    4 times per week
Seniors - 5 times per week  
Swim Meets
Swimmers can compete at meets, and you sign them up as you wish. They can swim as many, or as few, as you would like. There are meet entry fees for each meet, usually $3 - $4 per event. The fees for the meet entries will be charged if you do not show up for the meet.  You will be asked to put a credit card on file and that card will be charged the beginning of the following month, you are responsible for any additional meet fees for your swimmer.
Swimmers are required to have their own equipment. All swimmers should have their own goggles and a swim cap if they wish to wear one. For the beginner level groups the required equipment is minimal. All equipment is available through our team dealer. They have a store is located in Oconomowoc, and if you tell them that your swimmer is joining LGSC they know what equipment your swimmer will need.
Levels 1A & 1B - Fins
Level 2 -  Fins and Pull Buoy
level 3 -  Fins and Pull Buoy
Seniors -  Zoomers, Pull Buoy, Snorkel
As swimmers prepare to compete in meets, they should have a team suit. Team suits are also available through our team dealer. This suit will last longer if it only used for meets. Swimmers can wear any competitive swimming suit for practices.
Working at Meets
During your first six months with the team you are not required to work at these meets. This gives you and your swimmer the time necessary to get familiar with the team and swim meets.
If your swimmer decides to continue with the team after six months, you will be required to help at our home swim meets. The requirement will be less for our younger, beginner swimmers. The requirement can easily be met by having one or two parents working at a couple of the meets each year. We do offer a buy-out option, but we hope that you will get involved with the team and work at the meets. It is great opportunity to meet other families on the team, and we have many positions that do not require any previous experience.

You will have the opportunity to participate in fundraisers, but they are not required. .

Swimmers can join at any time, fees will be pro-rated based on starting date.

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The Lake Geneva Swim Club is a United States Swimming (USS) registered swim team providing quality swimming programs for Lake Geneva and other surrounding communities. LGSC is a non-profit organization run by a parents board of directors.

We also have pre-competitive programs for swimmers that wish to take a step further than traditional swimming lessons. See our Swim Groups page for more information on these programs, or see registration form above.

The swimmers that participate in all of our programs develop skills in goal setting and team work and are familiar with the commitment it takes to reach their goals. The staff of the Lake Geneva Swim Club is committed to helping the members of all of our programs reach their potential and become outstanding members in our community.