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Spring 10-week Session Fee

Apr 7 - June 13

Spring Remaining Session Fee as of 


Spring Week #  session fee
Discovery $110 N/A $0
Exploration $170 N/A $0
Imagination $180 N/A $0
Challenge $190 N/A $0
Performance $210 N/A $0
High Performance $210 N/A $0
Maintenance $160 N/A $0
IPP Indiv Arrg   $0


All Sessions

Note: All of the below information and fees are subject to change without notice.

USA Swimming 2014 Membership Registration Fee:
USA Swimming is the national parent organization for swimming athletics in the USA, from Olympic athletes down to the community swimmers. The seasonal membership fee for an athlete is $40.  This membership is good from Apr. 2014-Aug 2014.  The annual membership fee for an athlete is $58.  This membership is good from Sept 2013 - December 2014.  The fall session we start collecting the annual membership for 2014.  We collect the money and send it directly to Wisconsin Swimming, who manages the USA Swimming memberships in our state.

Out of District Fees

If you reside outside of the Wauakee School District you will be required to pay a $150 annual fee per swimmer to the school district.  We will provide details on how to purchase this once known.

Splash Fees: 
When a swimmer signs up for an open or invitational meet they are charged for each event that they sign-up for. Typically, you can expect to be charged $2.50-$5.00 per swim depending on the meet entered. In most meets, swimmers can swim one to four events per day. The entry fees will be listed in the meet information you receive. When entering a meet, we will write the host club a check for all the entries submitted for the swimmers on our team. These checks will often run several hundred dollars for a large meet. If your swimmer swam in a relay, the cost of the relays will be shared by the four participants.   If a relay is scratched because a swimmer has failed to show for the relay, that swimmer will be charged the full relay fee.  At the end of each month you will receive a statement listing the fees that your swimmer(s) have accumulated. Splash fees will be charged to your online account.

Family Volunteer Commitment Fee:
Because our home swim meets are run by our families, each family is expected to work at each home meet during the session. This is true even if your child(ren) doesn't/don't swim at the home meets. If your family does not fulfill all of its commitments for the session, your online account will be charged at the end of the session at $100 for each missed commitment. Each session may have a different number of commitments.

  • Spring Family  Commitments: 0 (no home meets)
  • Summer Family  Commitments: 1 (1 home meet - one session only)
  • Fall Family  Commitments: 2 (1 home meet covering multiple sessions)
  • Winter Family  Commitments: 3 (1 home meet covering multiple sessions)


Concession Stand Obligation

Each registered family will be required to provide funds for the concession stand items for our home meets.  Cost may vary based on size of home meet in that session.  Average amount charged is $15.

  • Spring Concession Stand Obligation - NONE

USA Swimming Membership Transfer:

If you are a transferring USA-S swimmer from another team, no matter how long ago you swum for them, please fill out the WI LSC Transfer Form. Sign the form by hand and put into the Board folder in the Waunakee Swimming Family folders box at the pool. Then please notify the Registrar.

There is no cost for a transfer. If you do not remember the last meet you swum in or your USA-S ID, the USA-S Registration Chair will look up the information for you and fill that part in. So until the form is processed at the WI LSC, you must swim as an unattached swimmer.