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Jun 9, 2014 - Website Enhancements
The NSC Website has undergone a large restructuring. Under the Documents Tab there are many sub tabs. These are sorted alphabetically to help you find important information in a more timely fashion. M...
May 16, 2014 - NSC-Champ Meet Heat Sheet Cover Contest Announced
Due Date: All entries must be turned in to your team?s Swim Conference Representative no later than Sunday, June 8th. The winning entries will be chosen at the Swim Conference Meeting on Monday, June...
May 12, 2014 - Publicity Info for 2014 Season
I wanted to share with you the contact information for the local papers. Please use this to submit information about our dual meets through out the swim season. The home team is responsible for su...
May 7, 2014 - NSC Computer Person Training
Computer person training will be held Monday May 12th from 6:30 - 7:15. The agenda is to review the rules, policies and procedures that relate to meet entries and scoring.
Apr 15, 2014 - New Policies and Procedures Approved
The Board approved the following Policies and Procedures last night at our April Board Meeting. Sexual Harassment / Child Molestation Abuse Policy Code of Ethics Conflict of Interest Policy - from t...
Apr 14, 2014 - TouchPad Live Available for All Teams
All Teams are now able to use TouchPad Live
Dec 11, 2013 - City & Classic Meet Dates Approved
For the 2014 season, the dates for the City and Classic Championship meets have been approved. There will be three sessions of Classic on the 12th of July. The locations are still pending for the Dist...
Jul 27, 2011 - NSC Champ Meets in the Naperville Sun
Click below to see the write-up on the NSC Championship Meets in the Naperville Sun:
Jan 11, 2011 - New Conference Name Approved
As of January 10, 2011, the conference will now be known as the Naperville Swim Conference or NSC.
Dec 14, 2010 - Move to USA Swimming Rules/Officials
The conference approved a move at the December 2010 meeting to generally follow USA Swimming Rules (with certain exceptions as may be voted upon by the conference), and utilize USA Swimming official...
Oct 19, 2010 - NSC Endorses USA Swimming Athlete Protection Policy
Check under the Documents tab to see the elements of the Athlete Protection Policy that pertain to the Conference.