Feb 8, 2016 - Practice Schedule for Tuesday, 2/9/16
Hello, Dear ICE families We are approaching to the end of this season. Most ICE swimmers will attend the comming Reginoal meet and State championship meets. In this week, Tuesday's practice schedule ...
Feb 8, 2016 - Practice schedule for next four weeks (starting on Feb 13, 2016)
2/13/16 (Saturday) 1. Cubes ISI qualifiers (not attending ISI Regionals) = 8 to 9:10AM 2. Waves ISI qualfiers (not attending ISI Regionals) = 8 to 9:40AM 3. Moray ISI qualifiers (not attending ISI Re...
Jan 28, 2016 - No Office Hours Today 1/28
Coach Don is ill and will not be holding office hours today.